Former Fox News Anchor Jane Skinner and Husband Roger Goodell's family life is a bliss with twin daughters.

September 28, 2016
First published on:September 28, 2016

Jane Skinner is a news anchor and a mother of two beautiful twin children - born in 2001, who has been married to 57-year-old Commissioner of National Football League of USA, Roger Goodell.

Jane Skinner and husband Roger Goodell’s relationship

Which relationship would be called a strong one other than those, which last for 19 long years? Same is the story with former co-host of Happening Now Jane Skinner and her beloved husband Roger Goodell.

The couple tied the knot on October 25, 1997. While their marriage, husband Roger was working as an assistant to the president of American Football Conference.

There is one thing in common between the two. Journalist Skinner’s father served as secretary of transportation and White House Chief of staff for President Bush. Her husband Rogers father also worked as a Senator of New York!

Jane Skinner’s relationship with her twin daughters

Skinner, who had been working with Fox News Channel since 1998, just a year after her marriage, decided to leave her to show Happening Now in 2010 – to provide more time to her family. Since her husband was super busy with his work, someone had to take care of the twins, so Skinner, as a responsible mother, took the step to focus on family affairs. That’s the true spirit – Family before Anything!

Jane and her family reside in Westchester, New York. A mother of two, she likes when her daughters support her in cooking and cleaning activities. Two 15-year-olds in the house can be a good support for Jane, isn’t it?

As per her interview with Butterfly, when she had twins, she was in the third year with Fox News, living in NYC. Her babysitter would very well take care of her kids when they were infants, but now that they are a grown up, they definitely need their mother’s support and emotional care. She also added that her children would get the freedom they require in their future - to choose any stream they are interested in. 

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Jane Skinner : Where is she now?

After her exit from the news industry, Jane has been serving as an advocate for women's equality. Jane,who was awarded the title of Woman of the Month in 2007 by Mid Life Bachelor.