UFC is Planning for a Classic Butt-Kicking Scene for UFC 224 in Rio, Know what they might have in their cards of fun?

March 23, 2018
First Published On: March 23, 2018

UFC know how to hype up the fight! With the lack of big fights, UFC doesn't seem to be on the pick of its game these days but Dana is a smart man. Despite being filled up with so many talents, Welterweight doesn't seem to do that well but new faces like Darren Till, Colby Covington, Wonderboy Thompson have tried their best to keep the division active even when the champion Tyron Woodley is out of the scene and is recovering from his shoulder injury.


Nothing is official but the Brazilians are finally going to see some classic butt-kicking scene if this match happens! Let's know what is UFC's plan for UFC 224 in Rio?

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Reportedly, a fight between Colby Covington and Rafael Dos Anjos may be a real possibility for  UFC 224. So all fight lovers in Rio should probably book their seat if this really happens. 

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According to Chris Tylor's Twitter, Colby Covington and Rafael Dos Anjos fight are in the talks and if it happens this one particular fight may be a huge draw for many obvious reasons.

CAPTION: Colby Covington and Rafael Dos Anjos is a real possibility SOURCE: Social media post

As RDA is Rio's hometown hero and is currently the no.1 contender for the belt match against Woodley, other fighters who really seem eager to fight the Frankenstein should possibly give this one to Colby Covington as he and RDA have some issues to resolve.

The WW fight will possibly be for the interim Welterweight title and these fighters are reportedly the best option for a main-event fight promotion in Brazil.

Let's take a look at his mean tweet which should get all Brazilians to go book a ticket or at least buy the PPV twice:

This doesn't end here, he still has to prove that he is able to fight top ranked fighters as he has never fought any top-ranked fighters and proven his dominance in the division. So far all he has ever done is kick some low ranked fighters and talk some high-level trash. The division is heating up and we might see some of the best fall or some underdogs crawl their way up but in between all the action, this one should be a fight that's hard to miss out, if in case it happens.