Megyn Kelly Net worth is huge.$6 million is her annual salary

July 3, 2018
First Published On: June 30, 2016

In case you were confused when the title says $6 million, it means freaking $6 million. Yes, that’s how much the beautiful Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly earns annually. And that was until last years. As of 2016, it has risen to a ridiculous $9 million a year, more than what my son and I would earn in our lifetime.  She earns monthly what most other anchor earns in a year.

Perhaps the only female anchor to be paid highest after Ann Curry, Megyn Kelly is what we call filthy rich, by we, I mean the haters. It is often stated she might even be earning as much as Bill O'Reilly who earns $15 million.

Megyn Kelly in her show The Kelly Files                                                               Source:

I always have people telling me, ‘You’re not going to get that much.’ And I’d say to them, ‘I’m going to get that, and more. Because I’m worth it.’ The smart bet is on me.

And what about her net worth! Well, it’s pretty solid as well. Along with her massive salary, she also has an accumulated net worth of $15 million.

Who is Megyn Kelly, you ask? Just someone who was able to silence the Presidential candidate Donald Trump and made him skip a debate. If you don’t think that is awesome, you need to get an appointment with your psychiatrist, fast.

Hailed as one of the most prominent face, not only in Fox but the entire US media Megyn Kelly knows her stuff alright. Being a political commentator she not only is up to date with the current political situation in the US but also knows how to silence Mr Trump. Fun fact- Trump was a Kelly fan before that. Well, now he isn’t. See, that’s the mark of a professional. Kelly was able to piss off the politician who has a remarkable at winning the argument. No wonder she is listed in Top 100 most influential People in the world.


Now at the age of 45, she is still going strong with her talent and her job as an anchor. Despite being so successful she has quite a history.

As far as her professional life goes, she is also an accomplished lawyer. Along with bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Syracuse University, Kelly also earns a law degree from Albany Law School. Despite having a great career in Chicago-based law firm Bickel & Brewer LLP as an attorney she decided to take some reporting classes which eventually took her where she is now.

In 2003 she was hired as a general assignment reporter for ABC affiliate WJLA-TV where she covered mostly news related to her previous job as an attorney. She then transferred to FOX new in 2004 with the help of Brit Hume and has become one of the channels most valuable asset throughout the years covering many important stories like the 2012 Presidential Election. Throughout her tenure, in FOX she has been very significant to the channels rating and gathered wide following through her dedication for the job.

In 2013 she started hosting her own show The Kelly File. According to FOX this show “capitalizes on Kelly’s skills as a former litigator and provides a platform to discuss developing angles as events unfold.”


Kelly is also an active feminist and has volunteered for several human causes.

Coming to her personal life this beautiful journalist has been married twice. In 2001, she married anesthesiologist Daniel Kandell. They didn’t have any children but got divorced in 2006 for some unknown reasons. Two years later she married Douglas Bryant. He is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Authentium. Bryant wrote a novel in 2015 based on a TV network journalist which somehow resembles Kelly. Together they have three children.

Megyn Kelly with her husband Douglas Bryant                                                                       Source:

Her looks are also something that supplements her image. Kelly is considered to be one of the FOX’s most beautiful anchor and it definitely shows. 1.68 meter tall and with those tall and slender legs she definitely looks a bombshell.

Together with her amazing looks and her unparalleled talent in the field of political commentating Megyn has a lot of years left to increase her net worth. We hope she does