CNN Don Lemon Says Kanye West Is Unaware of “History” following TMZ Sit-Down

Don Lemon said Kanye West “He doesn’t know History” following TMZ interview and believes he embarrassing himself commenting about slavery and race.


Ever since Kanye West has returned to Twitter, he keeps on promoting his own ideas. But his recent sit-down with TMZ commenting about the slavery history following President Trump praise has embarrassed several people around the globe including CNN Don Lemon.

The CNN anchor in response to the earlier interview where the rapper West said “slavery was a choice,” Lemon discussing on the show said he needs to stop on how African-American feels about slavery.

Lemon said that Kanye was unaware of the history so he has embarrassed himself being a people from the black community.

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To support the arguments while talking with the radio host Ebro Darden, he brings the history of Jewish.

He explained Jewish celebrates the day when they were finally free from slavery. And it was their choice. He added, “It seems that African Americans or black people are the only people who are told how they should recognize and celebrate their history.”

Directing the argument to West, Lemon told, he needs to soon realize that “it’s not a binary choice.” The anchor believes West need to remember history, it also helps us to achieve and it doesn’t mean it will hold you there for the lifetime.

When the rapper went viral he tried to convince his fans that it was just his idea, he doesn’t mean anything negative.