Check-Out Why Justin Bieber And Baskin Champion's Relationship Cooled Down

Are Justin Bieber and Baskin Champion still dating? Here’s you need to know why their relationship cooled down.


Canadian Singer Justin Bieber, 24 and model Baskin Champion, 22, the relationship appears to have fizzled out.

The singer and model Hanging Out for more than two months starting at a concert, SoulCycle Classes and other events is no longer together or seeing one another. Nothing to worry as they are friendly and cordial.

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It was never a serious relationship, but they have not been spotted hanging out together in over a month,” a source revealed Eonline. “He really liked hanging with Baskin because she was down to earth and laid-back, but the distance has definitely been a factor.

The Baby singer hasn’t been in LA for several weeks and recently he has been traveling lot. But when he moves to southern California, he doesn’t want anything to be awkward with Champion.

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They know that they will run into each other while out with mutual friends or during church, and Justin wants to remain friendly,” source added.

Looks like that’s must be the reason Champion has kept a busy schedule which includes a trip to Costa Rica and photo-shoot with sts blue.

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The pair first sparked romantic rumors In March after Selena Gomez and Justin took some time apart.

Justin is less interested in a relationship and has focused on his career and working on his new tracks soon to arrive. Following his break-up, with singer Gomez, he is seeing enjoying his singlehood. Like said before, he has prioritized his career rather than dating and all.