SNL Bill Hader Calls Justin Bieber ‘Dog’

SNL’s veterans Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah did not enjoy all their past shows and especially with the Justin Bieber.  That’s why Hader called him ‘dog’.


Everyone had a worse moment whether it is a show or real life. Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah had too. The way they pull the curtains off Justin behaviors seems it was their worst day with Justin Bieber.

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On Thursday the SNL’s veterans appeared on the Bravo TV “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” and they slammed Bieber.

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While in the show a fan asked Hader and Pharoah “who the worst behave musical guest or host”. Actually, they didn’t hesitate to give the answer.

Then, Hader looking at his partner “everybody wants to know worse” as if he was asked similar question numerous times.

Pharoah “We both know, dog”.

 Hader “It was Bieber” and Pharoah burst into laughs.

Show Host Andy confirmed Bieber, a dog, and he replied yes.

Hader continued “everybody is on good behavior and excited but I have never seen anyone like Bieber. He seems exhausted, like an end of the rope.”   

Bieber who has now turned to be a renowned singer appeared on the Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 2013 episodes and bring the hell out of him to be known as worst behaved musical host and guest on SNL.

During the show, he used every chance to poke fun at himself from his singing, dancing, including his marijuana usage.