Charlotte Crosby Shows off her Weight Loss in Tight Mini Dress, Know her past Affairs and Relationship

After her former boyfriend broke up, Charlotte Crosby wanted to make sure that she would get revenge on him. And she did it! In the most stylish way, possible.


Charlotte recently showed off her carved body which by the way is jaw-dropping, stunning, breathtaking and what not. Make sure you stay if you definitely don't want to miss out all the anticipation regarding her love life.

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Charlotte Crosby Shows off her Sexy Body in Tight Mini Dress 

After boyfriend, Stephen Bear broke up with her, Charlotte was adamant that she would make her boyfriend think why did I let her go after seeing her body and he might be probably thinking that now.

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However, following the break up she actually had gained weight but her strong determination drove her eventually to shed off pounds. Last week she shared with her fans on Instagram that she had already lost 2.3 kg in 12 days. Earlier in 2016, she had already lost 20 kg.

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Her hard work was clearly visible while she was shooting for her new reality TV show plus her fashion collection in London. The cross netted dress clearly showed her curves and she looked stunning in golden stilettos. She might be showing off her sexy body in a tight mini red dress

[ CAPTION: The red mini dress clearly showed off her curves ][ SOURCE: thesun ]

A few days ago, the former Geordie Shore star again flashed her curves in her skimpy coral mini dress. With braless little dress showing her ample cleavage, she left little to imagine and towering heels that accentuated her figure even more. 

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[ CAPTION: Charlotte looked hot in the little mini dress ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

However, this is not her first weight loss regime. She already proved that weight reducing ain't a problem when she lost a two-and-a-half stone and four dress sizes in 2014.

It seems like Charlotte is not just losing weight, she is on the full forget ex-boyfriends spree. If you are following her, you would know that she has two tattoos, one on her shoulder and another one just up the right elbow, one each dedicated to her ex-boyfriends.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte gets laser treatment to remove her tattoos ][ SOURCE: dailymail ]

Now along with pounds of her weight dropped, she is also undergoing laser treatments to remove both of her tattoos.

Know Charlotte Past Boyfriend and Affairs

Besides co-host, Stephen Bear who else has broken her heart? Here's a compilation of her ex-boyfriends.

Charlotte first dated boyfriend, Kyle Christie. After dating him for a short time, she broke up with him. In early seasons of Geordie Shore, she was seen dating Gaz Beadle but by the start of season 4, Charlotte started dating Scott Young after dumping Gaz.

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[ CAPTION: Charlotte and former boyfriend, Gaz dated on Geordie Sh ][ SOURCE: thesun ]

But among her past hookups, Mitch Jenkins was one to remember as she mentioned him as the one whom she would get married and have his child by 30. Sadly the couple also did not last and called it quits in 2014 after a year and a half together.

But not for long. Charlotte and Mitch again got back together again and Charlotte even got tattooed his name initials. It seemed like they were inseparable. Nope, they were and finally split after a few months.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte-and-Mitch together but sadly not forever ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Although there were a few flings Charlotte had with a couple of boys after Mitch, however, none of the relationships lasted more than a few months. The last boyfriend before dating Stephen was Ash Harrison. Charlotte dated Ash in 2016.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte Crosby with her former boyfriend Stephen Bear ][ SOURCE: ]

Eventually, Stephen came into her life and she again felt like he was the one. She even admitted in an interview that he was the soulmate for her.

"Yes. He definitely is! I don't want to be with anyone [else] ever again." 

Yet, the universe did not seem to agree with her. After Stephen was spotted kissing another girl, Charlotte decided to break up with him too after 11 months of dating him. Let's hope she finds a true lover soon.