Cancer Survivor, Amy Robach Married to Andrew Shue and Living Happily Together with their Children

Everyone suffers from a disease, the only difference is some have a serious illness and some people have the curable disease. But the most important thing is to never lose your heart and never give up. An American TV journalist, Amy Robach survived cancer and also has been an inspiration to many of the cancer patients.

Well, most of us know the News anchor, Amy Robach as a host of the Good Morning America for ABC News but how many of us have shown interest in the personal life of the journalist. Today, let’s get familiar with the personal life and married life of Amy Robach.

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Amy Robach and Andrew Shue’ married life and children

Amy Robach got married for the second time with husband, Andrew Shue, founder of the social networking site Cafe Mom on February 6, 2010, at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, near the Hudson River. Around 120 guests including their close ones attended their wedding ceremony.

[ CAPTION: Amy with her husband Andrew on a red carpet ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

As Amy got divorced in 2008 with her first husband so we can assume that they started dating each other after her divorce. And maybe after a short period of dating the couple got engaged in 2009.

[ CAPTION: Amy with her husband and their children ]

Well, if we talk about their children, then till the date the couple has not shared any children together but together the couple is raising three sons from Andrew’s former marriage and two daughters from Amy’s previous marriage.

Cancer made Amy’s marriage stronger

If we look back at Amy’s life, we all know that she was suffering from cancer. Such a heartbreaking thing, isn’t it? Amy not only felt the physical pain but she was also dragged into an emotional suffering after knowing about her breast cancer in 2013.

Youtube: How Cancer Tested Amy Robach's Marriage to Andrew Shue;

As she was fighting for her life that she never knew that it would test her married life with Andrew Shue at the same time. In an interview with People, she stated that in the beginning of her cancer, her relationship was going very bad and rough for several months. But, after the advice of family and friends, everything was solved and the bond between the pair became stronger.

[ CAPTION: Amy Robach ][ SOURCE: Parade ]

Even if she faced lots of problem and pain during her cancer, she never gave up just because her husband Shue was by her side as a supportive and caring husband.

[ CAPTION: Amy and Andrew on their holiday ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

After all the pain she has suffered, Amy is now free of cancer and she said that she is having the best time of her life with her husband and cherishing every moment of her life with family.

After having lots of ups and downs in life and even fighting with the death, Amy is currently leading a very happy marital life with Shue. Both of them are supporting each other and parenting their children.