News Show Host Amy Robach fighting for Cancer Awareness, husband and family supportive

September 22, 2015
First Published On: September 22, 2015

Any Robach, one of the most beloved television journalists in America will be sharing her cancer story with several other cancer survivors and cancer victims at the Emanuel Cancer Center’s annual Women’s Cancer Awareness Night Out on Oct. 16 this year. The TV anchor, who herself was diagnosed with a fatal form of breast cancer in 2013 has been doing this every year on the same date.

Robach has been sharing her own sweet bitter experiences of fighting the disease every October because, she was diagnosed for the first time on-air in October. She received a mammogram on live television on October 1, 2013, later underwent follow up tests and found out she was indeed suffering from cancer, which is why this brave woman celebrates October 31 as her “survival anniversary” every year.

'October 30 is the day I found out I had breast cancer, and that's the day I'm going to start marking my anniversary, because that's the day I started surviving,’ she told PEOPLE last year.

On October 16, people like her, who have either been suffering or have recovered take part in the Awareness Night and share each other’s experiences on their condition. Several other popular celebrity survivors have also been taking part in the event.

While working for ABC News in 2013 as the News Anchor for Good Morning America, Robarch was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While many of our viewers are healthy (we hope), but if you were to find out, after a minor test, that you have a deadly disease, how would you react? Most of us would be panic stricken and hopeless. But Robach didn’t lose her hope. With extensive support from her husband and family, the 42 year old TV show host battled and survived the cancer.

Now, two years have already passed and Robach has finished her treatment. She is back at her workplace. The former NBC Today host underwent several sessions of chemotherapy and double mastectomy.

Good Morning America’s news host had no record of cancer in her family. Her ancestors were cancer free as far as she could remember. But unfortunately, she wasn’t so lucky. But, all thanks to her friend and colleague Robin Roberts, who is also a cancer survivor, she is on a better path. She urged Robach to do test and by the grace of God, she was diagnosed early and was able to recover. And now, this survivor has been quite actively advocating and working for cancer awareness.

Robach, who is a mother of two daughters and three step sons, had a malignant tumor in her right breast. The doctors also discovered a second tumor in the same breast and some abnormal cells in her left breast after a double mastectomy. After a surgery, it was discovered that the cancer has spread to her sentinel lymph nodes, which made it difficult for the doctors to perform mastectomy on her. But despite all the hardship and difficulties, Robach remained positive about her recovery with the love and support of her children and former Melrose Place star, husband Andrew Shue.

Robach was married to Tim McIntosh but the couple filed for a divorce in 2009. She has two daughters with him. She later became engaged to her present husband Andrew, a father of three, in September of the same year. They tied the knot on February 6, 2010, on her 37th birthday.

Robach lost her hair due to chemotherapy and radiation. The blonde beauty, who once rocked long locks later opted for a short haircut. The cancer seemed to have shaken her a little. But it didn’t stop her from working and continuing her career on ABC, for which she receives handsome salary.