Canadian TV Actor Dan Levy From Schitt’s Creek Makes Appearance In American Talk Show, “Damn He looks hot”

Only a few Canadian star makes to American TV screen among them Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy is one. Recently he appeared in a U.S talk show The Wendy Williams Show. While in the show he was looking super-hot.


Not only viewers Wendy William was also impressed with Levy and his talent. William instantly showered Levy with compliments when he charmed him. Host Williams even compared Levy hotness with Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe is a U.S star who became notable as a teen idol.

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We cannot actually figure out whether it was Levy tight pants that will even make Jimmy Fallon shame or the obsessing eyebrows of the Canadian star. Whatever the matter, she concluded him as Schitt.

Probably Levy is talented Canadian TV actor who has won the heart of American with appearance and his show.

Levy hit CBC’s comedy show was recently brought to light by American television Pop. Moreover, it was hugely appreciated and received positive reviews from American television critics. Such reviews are rare and it always sounds great when Canadian show cracked competitive American market.  

Levy who made his hot entry among viewer and host plays the role of pansexual David Rose in his hit TV series Schitt’s Creek.