Actor Eugene Levy has a hot son, Dan with wife Deborah Divine and they are on a TV show TOGETHER!!

We loved Eugene Levy in the CBC Television sitcom Schitt’s Creek. But how many of you know that the young and dashing man who plays the role of his son in the TV show is Levy’s real-life son?


Today, here learn more about actor Eugene Levy's hot son. Find out more regarding his personal life below. Read more.

Actor Eugene Levy has a hot son

Many might have already guessed it as his name is Daniel Levy. It is not that difficult to miss as they both have got identical faces. In fact, if Mr. Levy and Dan were brothers, they would look like twins. The young man has potential, doesn’t he?

Dan, aged 33, is a TV show host and actor who has appeared in various movies. As a Tv show host, he has interviewed numerous celebs from the show biz like Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, and Kelly Clarkson.

So the father and son duo creates magic on-screen as they have been doing off-screen. Levy and his son Dan are known for having a very strong father-son relationship. They are more like friends than father and son.

Levy and his wife Deborah have a daughter Sarah as well, but it is Levy and his young son who are the talk of the town. Daniel might not be as famous as his father, but everybody knows that he is quite talented and incredibly hot.

About the Show

Talking about the show itself, Schitt’s Creek is a comedy show created by Eugene and his handsome son Dan, starring both of them as father and son. The show’s protagonist Eugene Levy stars as Johnny Rose who is a highly wealthy video store magnate married to a classy yet ignorant soap opera star Moira played by actress Catherine O’Hara.

Their socialite daughter Alexis is played by Annie Murphy, and the son, David's role, is portrayed by Daniel Levy who is a mega hipster the series. The storyline of the show follows the lives of Rose family that goes broke after the parents get involved in some Ponzi scheme to for easy money.

But thanks to Johnny Rose that the family at least gets a place to live. They go on living in a place which Father Rose bought for his son David as a gift that he presented him as a gag years ago.

The gifted place Schitt’s Creek is a small town. The later part of the series deals with how the so-called high society Rose family adjusts to the small town life. Actor Eugene Levy and his son have been promoting their show on Twitter.

And now the son of Eugene Levy seems to steal the show along with his father in the Schitt’s Creek. Having his son work with him must be something to be proud of for Levy, who has won everybody's heart with his comic timing and outstanding performances. The actor has a net worth of $15 million, and his son seems to be following in his footsteps.