Bob Barker's Heartfelt Moments: A Dive into His Romantic Love Story

Bob Barker was a well-known American media personality and beloved host of the popular reality show, "The Price is Right." He passed away on August 26, 2023

At the time of his passing, Barker was in a relationship with Nancy Burnet. It's worth noting that he had been previously married to Dorothy Jo Gideon. Let's have a look at the love life of the celebrated TV personality.

Dating Nancy Burnet At The Time Of His Passing

Bob Barker's romantic journey with Nancy Burnet spanned an impressive duration. The couple remained together from 1983 until his passing on August 26, 2023. 


Bob Barker and his partner, Nancy Burnet SOURCE: Pinterest

Barker lived a fulfilling life but faced the challenges of Alzheimer's disease in his later years. This relentless condition ultimately led to his demise at the age of 99. He died about four months short of his 100th birthday.

How Did Bob And Nancy Cross Paths?

Bob and Nancy's paths first crossed at an animal adoption event on March 27, 1983. This event was hosted by him and actor Earl Holliman. 

Interestingly, at the time, Burnet wasn't very familiar with "The Price Is Right" or her love himself. However, her interest was piqued when a friend informed her about Barker's involvement in the spay-neuter movement. 

Intrigued, Nancy approached Bob to talk about a different project. It was through this conversation that they found common ground, initiating the beginning of a connection that would endure for decades. 

Did Barker Plan To Marry Burnet?

According to an article in ET, "The Price is Right" host had expressed a desire to marry Nancy Burnet. The report revealed that Barker had proposed to his partner multiple times. 


Bob Barker and Nancy Burnet at an event SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite Bob's repeated proposals, Nancy consistently declined the offers. She was content with the way things were. For her, being his companion held a special significance, and she cherished their bond just as it was.

Nancy's Devotion In Barker's Final Stages

In the last chapter of Bob's life, Nancy stood as a pillar of unwavering devotion. She took on the responsibility of caring for him in his final years, as mentioned in Today. Throughout the last five years of his life, she dedicated herself to ensuring that his healthcare needs were met with the utmost attention and care, providing round-the-clock support. 

Despite the intensity of her commitment to his well-being, it's noteworthy that Barker and Burnet never shared a residence. Both of them maintained separate homes.

Did Barker Date Dian Parkinson?

There have been rumors suggesting a romantic connection between Bob Barker and Dian Parkinson. However, both individuals denied any such relationship. Their professional collaboration on "The Price Is Right" added fuel to the speculation. He served as the host while she was one of the models on the show. 

In the 1990s, Dian took legal action by filing a lawsuit against Bob and the production company. The suit was her accusing them of sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Eventually, the case was settled out of court, and the specific details and terms of the settlement remained undisclosed to the public. 

The Only Time Barker Married

The only time Bob Barker entered the institution of marriage was with Dorothy Jo Gideon. Their union took place in St. Louis on January 12, 1945. He was training as a navy fighter pilot during World War II at the time. He was on leave when they exchanged the vows.

Bob and Dorothy's marriage endured for an impressive span. It lasted until her passing on October 19, 1981. They had one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood. 

Bob And Dorothy Were High School Lovers

Barker and Gideon's love story began in their high school years. The two became sweethearts when he was just 15 years old. They crossed paths as students at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri. 


Bob Barker and his late wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon SOURCE: Pinterest

Little did Bob and Dorothy know that their high school romance would evolve into a lifelong partnership. The simplicity and innocence of their high school love story contributed to the depth of their connection.

The Death Of Bob's Beloved Wife

Dorothy Jo Gideon's life came to an untimely end at the age of 57 on October 19, 1981. Like B.J. Thomas, she succumbed to the challenges posed by lung cancer. Her passing occurred merely six months after the diagnosis.

Gideon's death left a profound impact on Barker. In memory of his late wife and his mother, Tilly, he founded the DJ&T Foundation in 1995. This foundation concentrated on supporting low-cost spay and neuter clinics aimed at controlling animal overpopulation. However, over time, circumstances led to the closure of the foundation. 

According to Bob's half-brother, Kent Valandra, the passing of his wife had a profound impact on him. Valandra shared that he went through a period of deep depression, transforming into a markedly different person for an extended span of two or three years. 


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