Who is Dian Parkinson?Is she still Single or Married? Know about her Past Relationship and Dating

Regular for CBS since the 1990s, all CBS lovers should definitely be familiar with Dian Parkinson. She is one of the famous models from the television show The Price is Right. Dian Parkinson is a married woman. Let's know her husband and family life in details here!


Let's find out who is the 90's hottie Dian Parkinsons dating currently or is she already married to someone? Let's jump in!

Dian Parkinson's Married life

For your kind information, Dian is already married but how is her married life? Dian has kept almost every information about her life private so it was hard to track him down but we have some picture evidence that shows Dian's peaceful married relationship.

[ CAPTION: Dian Parkinson's ex-husband Robert C. Gardner ]
[ SOURCE: Married wiki ]

Dian Parkinson got married to Robert C. Gardner back on 27th May 2000. After their marriage, the couple rarely made a handful of TV appearances and then Dian left her show ‘The Price is Right.’ which got them out the limelight. After that, they were rarely seen together which made people think that they were no more together.


Caption: Interview which Dian gave after she left the show.

However, neither Dian nor Robert has confirmed about their divorce or separation.

Dian Parkinson’s past relationships

Back in the 1980s, Dian was said to be dating a photographer Bert Stern. Although they didn’t officially announce that they were dating, they were seen hanging out together a couple of times which made people think that they are dating. Well, it might just be a rumor.

[ CAPTION: Dian Parkinson's ex-boyfriend Bern Stern ]
[ SOURCE: Frost Snow ]

Talking about Dian’s past, she has had a horrible experience with former co-host Bob Barker. Want to know what the experience was about? Move on to the next sub-heading. 

Dian Parkinson's bad experience

Back in 1994, Bob Barker was accused by Dian of sexual abuse. At the initial phase, Bob denied the charges, but later he admitted his action. But then again after a while, Dian dropped the charges as she didn’t have sufficient finance for the lawyer.

[ CAPTION: Dian Parkinson and Bob Parker ][ SOURCE: YouTube ]

Sexual harassment is something really hard to move on from. However, Dian has now moved on. She might currently be living happily with her husband.