Billy Cosby’s Beloved Daughter Ensa Cosby Died At 44 From Renal Disease

Ensa Cosby daughter of Billy Cosby died at the age of the 44 from the rental disease in Massachusetts on 23 February 2018. Billy lost a strong supportive daughter.


The death of Ensa Cosby has shocked Billy Cosby and his family. She had a history of medical problems but died of kidney failure.

According to a source, she was waiting for kidney transplant. The rental disease is the last stage is kidney failure which is why it is also known as a final stage. The common cause of the rental disease is Diabetes & blood pressure.

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It was only one month left to her father Billy retrial but the beloved & strong daughter has gone.  When her father was accused of sexual assault against more than 60 women, she spoke in the support of her father denying the claim.

Ensa told “I am a very private and have chosen to live my life quietly with my family. But for my child, my niece, my nephew, and my father, I cannot sit quiet anymore.”

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Ensa revealed that her father accusation was one-sided from the beginning and it got worse when he tried to defend himself. He was sued by the court when he forwards his defense. She was trying to provide her legendary father justice but she is dead now.

In 1997, Billy lost his son Ennis at the age of 27 in an unsuccessful robbery attempt now his strong supportive daughter. He took to Twitter to express his sorrow and thanks to those who prayed for beautiful daughter Ensa.

The funeral details have not announced yet.