Comedy Actor Faizon Love still defending Bill Cosby on Twitter

Don't worry Bill Cosby, Big Worm has your back. The recent tweets from Faizon Love certainly seem to suggest that he still supports Cosby. A legendary standup comedian, Bill Cosby had been accused of using drugs to sexually assault women. He later even testified to this claim. But it looks like Love has other thoughts regarding this incident.

Even though more than 30 women have accused Cosby of raping and/or drugging them, Love still has problems in believing that Cosby did anything wrong. Despite the fact that Cosby admitted, under oath, to drugging women with Quaaludes and Benadryl, Love insisted that Cosby was the victim of a conspiracy.

Love took to Instagram on November 2014, where he posted some highly offensive comments. "I support Bill Cosby" along with the caption, "F**k them lying b**ches."  

He also tweeted "Let me be clear, I don't support rape, but @billcosby has been convicted in the media & that is unjust as well #DueProcess."

The comedy actor, 47 years of age, also lashed out on comedian Hannibal Buress, calling him a “house n——”, for discussing the Cosby scandal in his comedy act in October 2014.

The reactions were pretty aggressive as expected. The comments Love made were clearly attacking the women who accused Cosby of sexual assault. It was a string of misogynist and racist insults which Twitter users just could not digest. So, a mass of angry people challenged Love's views which dismissed the words of so many women with similar accounts spanning at least four decades.

After the reactions came in pretty hard, Love tried to divert the attention away from the issue at hand by pointing out the shootings at a black church in Charleston, S.C. Love responded to the angry backlash from fans by saying that people should ignore the news about Cosby because Dylan Roof walking into a church in Charleston, S.C., was more important.


“You people kill me with this s—! This white [sic] boy walks into a church and kills 9 people you not mad at that, but this upsets you F— YALL.”

The allegations against Bill Cosby started after Judy Huth filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress during an incident at the Playboy Mansion. This incident took place in 1974 when Huth was only 15.

From then on, several women have come up with similar accusations. Despite this fact, Faizon is not the only supporter Bill Cosby has. Singer Jill Scott was also another ardent Cosby supporter. However, since his confessions were released, she changed her tune.

She was recently found tweeting "I stood by a man I respected and loved. I was wrong. It HURTS!!!"

So is love and co. right or wrong? 

Well this whole Cosby-Love situation was summed up pretty well by Michael Bilello, a crisis management strategist who said ,"There are some loyal friends that, while you respect them standing by their man (Cosby), you must know actions speak louder than their words."