Ariana Grande Takes Over BFF Jimmy Fallon Late-Night Talk Show To Announce Fourth Album is Sweetener

May 2, 2018 by arjun

Ariana Grande took over her BFF Jimmy Fallon Late-Night show to announce the title of her upcoming fourth album Sweetener.


The 24 years old singer not just only shared the fourth album title but also performed her new single “No Tear Lef to Cry” for the first time on TV.

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Side to Side singer tweeted “thanks to my BFF @jimmyfallon for letting me co-host the show tonight and perform my new single, you’re my favorite always and forever! Tune in.”

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The pop singer also revealed that the album will be released on July 20 and she shall celebrate the day until it releases. The next surprise was when she started a pre-taped segment enough to wow her fans as they sang “One Last Time.”

This is not the first time she has appeared on The Tonight Show and her excitement are always the same when it comes to appearing in the Fallon Show.

I love u always n forever, and I love new york.thanks for your beautiful energy. Oh and I [email protected] Fallon so much ncd. Seeeeee yoooo tonight,” Grande wrote on Twitter.

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Before the above tweet she wrote “NBD” and if you cant make sense what does it means that it is the sketch comedy chops they performed on Monday too. In 2016, they also performed while hosting SNL where “the pair played 2 aloof hipsters trying to one-up one another.”

But the biggest highlight of the show came when Grande & Fallon played “Musical Genre Challenge." It is the play in which both try to sing popular single but in a different genre.