Meet Sexy Ariana Grande with her boyfriend Mac Miller, Find about their relationship

December 12, 2016
First published on:December 12, 2016
by HitBerry

When she debuted as a singer her song featured Mac Miller and the friendship turned love flourished. Now the couple has outed their Paramore to the wide world and people cannot stop talking about it. Whatever the singing couple posts to Instagram almost breaks it. God help this amazing chemistry between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Both of the singers have huge fan following and every single one of their fans are praying that the lovely bond between these two homies never ends.

So, today we are going to let the fans know about the beautiful love story between Rapper and Pop star. The long time friends turned couple got closer after Grande's breakup with another famous star Ricky Alvarez. So, let's see how these "The Way" duet singer turned out to be a smoochy couple over the years.

Caption: Ariana And Mac Kissing, Credit Instagram

No one could have guessed that the couple who appeared in a music video and kissed each other in the course of making the video in three years would grow up to be a couple. The couple actually can not keep their eyes off each other. In three years of time, The music turned into a real deal.



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Yes! it looks like Ariana loves the way Mac makes her feel. The couple looks so adorable together and if this continues to flourish it is sure that this valentines day all cards will have them featured on its cover.

Rapper Mac Miller And Ariana Grande love story

The couple now looks like a lock and key which fit each other perfectly to make each other useful. But before being lovers they were counted as good friends only. Mac was featured in Ariana's first debut album which instantly established her as a hit singer. The couple would have made a perfect couple together for sure but no one realized the fact until Ariana got out of her two failed relationships from Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez.

After being heart broken, Grande and Miller started hanging out a lot more than usual. This at first hinted their emotional attachment and when they started posting Instagram images as well as started showing up for shows together they were officially tagged by girlfriend and boyfriend. 

Mac Miller hesitated at first

Though the couple was posting many lip locked images of each other the pop singer and rapper Miller at first hesitated to admit that he was in a relationship with Ariana even after they posted some images of them kissing in public. 

As men by nature are a little resistive to the feeling of commitment, Miller also showed a level of hesitation in many interviews. He referred to Ariana as his Homie but their picture tells a different story. People who saw the love birds in Katsu-Ya told that they were kissing hugging and cuddling while they were on a dinner date at the place.

They look pretty adorable together

The couple has been seen around the streets of LA enjoying sushi dates and on the recent VMA's they took their love to a different level. The couple got tattooed in the same shop with a similar design tattoo together. We can find 23 years old cute singer  cuddling and kiss the 24-year-old  rapper all over her Instagram.

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