Annette Funicello's Love Life: A Look at Her Husband and Boyfriend List

Annette Funicello was an American actress and singer. She became well-known as one of the beloved Mouseketeers in the original Mickey Mouse Club. Sadly, she passed away on April 8, 2013

Throughout her life, Annette shared her love with two previous spouses, Glen Holt and Jack Gilardi. Her legacy lives on through her memorable performances.

Relationship Status At The Time Of Death

At the time of her passing, Annette Funicello was married to Glen Holt. She remained by his side until the end, finding comfort and support in their relationship. 

Sadly, on April 8, 2013, at the age of 70, Annette breathed her last breath. She lost her life at Dignity Health - Mercy Hospital Southwest in Bakersfield, California. Her journey with illness began in 1987 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Complications from it ultimately led to her passing. 


Annette Funicello and Glen Holt at their wedding SOURCE: Pinterest

Marriage To Glen Holt

Funicello and Holt shared a special bond that lasted for many years. They tied the knot on May 3, 1986, and their love endured until the actress passed in the year Jay Cutler married Kristin Cavallari, i.e., in 2013. 

Throughout their marriage, Annette and Glen supported each other through thick and thin. He was a source of strength and comfort for her, especially during her battle with multiple sclerosis. 

Knew Annette Since Her Teenage Days

Glen's connection with Annette traces back to her teenage years. He first met her when she was merely 16 or 17 years old. Their initial encounter took place at Hollywood Park Racetrack, where she boarded her horse. 

Holt who also had horses running at the track, would often see the actress accompanied by her parents. Despite their brief interactions, they always exchanged greetings, and he would engage in friendly conversations with her parents.

However, the couple's paths diverged for a while. It wasn't until Annette's divorce from her first marriage several years later that Glen encountered her again. She had resumed her visits to the racetrack. This reunion led to a deeper connection between the two.


An undated picture of Annette Funicello and Glen Holt SOURCE: Pinterest

The Death Of The Actress' Husband

Glen Holt has sadly passed away. On February 12, 2018, he breathed his last breath, succumbing to complications stemming from a respiratory illness. 

At the age of 87, Glen bid farewell to this world. His journey may have come to an end, but the love and memories he shared with Annette and others will continue to shine brightly.

Previous Marriage To Jack Giraldi

Met On The Set

The late actress' relationship with her ex-husband, Jack Giraldi, began in the vibrant setting of the film industry. Their paths crossed for the first time on the set of her 1961 movie "Babes in Toyland." 

Annette portrayed the character of Mary Quite Contrary in the movie. Jack, likely captivated by her charm, found himself drawn to her. 

The Wedding And Divorce

The "Muscle Beach Party" actress' marriage to Jack Gilardi was a significant chapter in her life. They exchanged vows on January 9, 1965. 

Jack took on the role of not just a husband but also an agent and manager for Annette. Their professional collaboration spanned over a decade, lasting from 1965 until their eventual divorce in 1981.


Annette Funicello and Jack Gilardi at their wedding SOURCE: Pinterest

What Ended The Marriage With Jack?

Annette Funicello's marriage to Gilardi faced challenges that ultimately led to its end. However, the exact reasons remain unclear. One factor that contributed to the dissolution of their relationship was their differing social preferences. 

Jack was known to be intensely social, enjoying the company of others and likely thriving in social settings. On the other hand, the "Pajama Party" actress was more inclined towards a quieter, home-centric lifestyle, preferring the comfort and familiarity of her space. 

Parents To Three Kids

Annette Funicello and Jack not only navigated their careers together but also embraced the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. They were proud parents to three children. 

The eldest child, Gina Portman, was born on October 17, 1965. It was followed by Jack Gilardi Jr., born on February 10, 1970, and Jason Gilardi, born on October 21, 1974. The Gilardi children have chosen to maintain a low profile.

Past Relationships

Paul Anka

Funicello's teenage years were marked by a blossoming romance with the singer Paul Anka. Their relationship was characterized by the innocence and intensity of young love as they were 17 at the time. She experienced her first true romantic connection with him.

The love story became immortalized when Anka drew inspiration from their romance to pen his iconic hit song "Puppy Love" in 1960. The lyrics echoed the tender emotions of the impact she had on his life. 

Who Was Funicello's First Kiss?

The late actress' first kiss was shared with Lonnie Burr. He was a fellow member of the original Mickey Mouse Club. She held a special place in her heart as they were boyfriend-girlfriends during the first year of the show. 

Burr was not only Annette's first crush. He was also her first kiss, as mentioned in an article from Oregon Live. The innocence and excitement of young love blossomed between them at the time. 


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