American Idol 2018 Season 16 Recap: Top 3 Selected From Top 5 On May 13, Sunday, Who Got Eliminated?

May 14, 2018 by arjun

American Idol 2018, Season 16, top 3 winners were selected from top 5 contestant last Sunday, May 13, 2018. Find out who got eliminated last night?


On May 13, 2018, the top 5 selected in last episodes performed with full talent but only 3 reach week’s two-part finale, and the result was revealed live tonight. Below you can read the live recap of yesterday night including the result.

If you are desperate, check the selected top 3 scrolling below.

Sunday night, all 5 contestants took the stage to open up the singing show performing Carrie Underwood’s song “See You Again.” And Underwood joins the contestants in the half after little fireworks on the stage.

Each contender performed on 2 songs, one was specially dedicated to their mother for the mother’s day and other from Underwood hit. Honoring to the season 4 winner Underwood, American Idol played a video of Underwood journey to the success.

Among Top 5, Michael J Woodard was the first contestant to kick start the competition performing on “Flat on the Floor.” Judge Lionel Richie said he started the show “on a grand scale.” Followed by popular singer Katy Perry praise “exponentially special.” Then host Ryan Seacrest opens up the closeness with the contestants and their bond.

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Next, Gabby Barett who is a huge fan of Underwood performed on “Last Name.” She gushed over Underwood, crying when she got to meet her face to face. She also said Underwood husband was a good-looking man. Underwood told, Barret when the competition is over she will found out the inside artist she truly is.

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Following her performance, Katy Perry said the internet is all abuzz about her.  Bryan compared her with Underwood and said “reincarnate,” while Richie found her voice fabulous.

The next performer was Cade Foehner who is rumored to be dating Barrett. Then a clip was played Underwood meeting Fohner who admitted that she has been watching his performance on TV. She advised him when he performs her song hold back a little verse to give a fierce ending on her song “Undo It.”  Bryan was happy with her advice for Foehner.

He was hugely praised for his singing talent by all the judges.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson was the next whose mom is the great fan of Underwood. When he was shown meeting Underwood, he brings out his problem. He said he was really terrified to perform on one of her songs. The nervousness was spotted when he rehearsing when Underwood and she suggested: “get out of his own way.”

After Hutchinson delivered the song “So Small” judge Richie was so impressed he commented, “as real as it comes.”

The last performer of the day was Maddie Poppe who approached the stage to sing “I Told You So.” Underwood amazed with her voice said she was more mesmerizing live than behind the screen. Underwood advised, “Poppe stay true to yourself while delivering a song.”

Perry revealed that she is a huge fan of Poppe and after the completion ends she wants Poppe to release an album super quick so she can enjoy her song. Bryan spoke, he was happy the way she performed a country song.

In the big night, Underwood gave her best of best performance on her recent release hit song “Cry Pretty.” After the performance, Underwood said, she was impressed with the top 5 contestants singing talent.

Next, judges were shown spending time with their mother including Perrys’s mother, giving encouragement talk to fans and admiring Katy success.

The contestants were also shown spending precious moments with their mom and each video was played turn by turn that turned the American Idol emotional.

Now time to know the top 3 winners, who are selected via vote and will move to next episodes. The first name on the top 3 list was Caleb Lee Hutchinson. Gabby Barrett was second on the list. And the one spot left was won by Maddie Poppe.

The two contestants who didn’t make it through were Cade Foehner and Michael J. Woodard.