Katy Perry Pants Splitting Fun In Front Of Audience At American Idol

Katy Perry tries to rip her pants and got her butt taped in front of the audience at American Idol episodes.


On Monday night, Katy Perry had another wardrobe malfunction at American Idol.


???READY TO LAUNCH ???????? [see next post]

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Acting silly the Roar singer, let out a big laugh that she tore the pants and screamed “my pants” when she split her pants.

Lionel Richie & Luke Bryan were asking her to sit and continue what they were doing, giving Maddie Poppe feedback, an American Idol contestant when the incident happened.  

“I have good news and bad news today- I won’t be able to live stream # AmericaIdol today but, I can promise you some pants splitting fun,” Katy Perry tweet with a video.

After they finished Perry quickly jumped in front of the stage yelling my pants and starting to show her butt which was filmed in the camera. Richie tries every effort to block the backside of the Perry from audience and camera. But Perry asked if somebody wants to tapes my butt.