How much is American Businessperson Todd Chrisley's Net Worth? Know his Lifestyle, Bankruptcy cases, and upcoming plans here!

“Perfect is something you should strive to be.” As the American Businessperson, Todd Chrisley runs after success; he gained a huge success for his continuous hard work and unhindered determination. With his success came fame and wealth. From all that, Todd Chrisley's net worth figure is shocking.


With his business’ success earned from scraps, Todd believes in making the most out of small things. For his business, he has taken loans but got back the profits. But, the exact earnings of Todd are still in question. Today, we are going to reveal the real net worth of the American Businessperson Todd Chrisley. Stay tuned to know all about his total wealth.

Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth

The self-made millionaire, Todd Chrisley who is quite secretive about his net worth has given us a hard time to figure out his total wealth. Different sites show different stories of his earnings.

[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley ]

According to the Investopedia, he has an estimated net worth of negative $46 million. But, Earnthenecklace claimed that he has a total net worth of about negative $5 million. Who do you believe?

[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley and his wife ]

The reality show star is currently facing several downsides to his business. He was recently a hot topic for the bankruptcy case. However, he still is not seen to change his lifestyle.

Todd Chrisley’s Life Style

Although, Todd Chrisley doesn’t admit being a millionaire, what can we think when he has his own mansion of millions of dollars and living a lavish life at that.

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[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley's family ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Todd owns a house in Georgia that worths around $2.4 million spreading up to 30,000 square foot. His home includes a kitchen (both indoors and outdoors), a huge living room, a saltwater pool, a spa bathroom, and a theater. However, currently, the house has been closed due to the failure to pay the necessary debt amounts.

[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley's house ][ SOURCE: Virtual Globe Trotting ]

The current abode of Todd is a 1750 square foot condo. His new mansion has two bedrooms and two baths. The house is made in Atlanta, Georgia and is estimated to be worth $300,000.

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[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley's wife and daughter ]

As far as his clothing goes, Todd spends over a $300,000 annually only on clothing. He also owns a black Mercedes which is worth more than $50,000.

Todd Chrisley in Bankruptcy

Behind his luxurious car and fancy clothing, his financial situation has been insecure. He had been bankrupt since 2012, and since then he had been battling it out in the court. In the statement, Todd had a total of $155 as current assets and $4.2 million as fixed assets. However, his debts totaled $49.4 million.

[ CAPTION: Todd Chrisley ][ SOURCE: US Weekly ]

For his bankruptcy case, he filed for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection in August 2012. In his case, the trustee had suspicions so, he investigated the wealth of Todd, but could not find anything. Up until now, the reality star cum Businessperson is still in debt and has been unable to pay off his expenses. 

Todd Chrisley Close to signing $75 million Multi-year deal

Some of the sources have disclosed that the reality TV star will be signing a multi-year deal with various shows. But the name of the company is not revealed yet. The deal will be for $75 million. If he lands this deal, then his days of being a negative-millionaire go out the window, and he will consume power again.

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Despite his hard work and determination, his total wealth is a bit-conflicted. With his start from the zero level, he sure has made a fortune for himself. But, making such money and keeping it the same is a different story, don’t you think?