Age 34 American Actress Mila Kunis Maintaining a Good Financial Status; Has a Multi-Milion House and Huge Net Worth

Milena Markovna aka Mila Kunis is an American actress who recently moved from Ukraine to the United States for the sake of better future prospects for her kids. She started her career from the television commercial and the television series before grabbing a significant role in the Hollywood Industry.


As a talented actress, Mila lives in millions of fans heart who are willing to know all about her lifestyle. So, keep scrolling to know all information regarding her net worth, career, and more on.

Mila Kunis net worth

One of the greatest Ukrainian actresses who has made an impact in the Hollywood Mila now earns a huge amount of money from her career and an estimated net worth of $45 million.

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CAPTION: Mila Kunis SOURCE: Hello Magazine

According to The richest, She earns around $100,00 per episode for starring in 70s Shows between 1998 and 2006 and $15,000 for each family Guy episode. Mila became the face of the Christian Dior's Spring fashion campaign in 2012, and a year later, she was named the luxury gem producer Gemfield's Global Brand Ambassador.

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CAPTION: Mila Kunis SOURCE: Allure

In 2013, she also appeared in the Forbes in the list of 100 powerful celebrities at the number of 89 after earning 411 million. The next year, Mila appeared in the adverts for the Jim Beam Bourbon.

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Mila Kunis Earning from Movie

Regarding her movie earnings, she is in the movie business since 2001 after she signed for the leading role in "Get Over It" opposite Kirsten Dunst. Next year she came with the horror movie "American Psyco 2" with William Shatner which couldn't as well as expected in theaters.

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CAPTION: Mila Kunis in American Psyco 2 SOURCE: YouTube

The turning point of Mila's career was the lead role for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" after that she never looked back. The movie was a huge success as it did the business of $105 million worldwide. Further, the movie got her praised and recognition all over the world. 

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CAPTION: Mila Kunis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall SOURCE: Hello Magazine

As her movies earn a lot of money which came in the blockbuster all over the world. Have a look at towards Mila's movies earnings.

  • Ted                                                         $549.4 millions
  • Oz The Great and Powerful                        $493.3 millions
  • Jupiter Ascending                                     $184.0 millions
  • Black Swan                                              $329.24 millions
  • The Book of Eli                                         $157.1 millions
  • Bad Moms                                                $183.9 million  

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Mila Kunis Cars collection

Mila Kunis is one of the richest Hollywood actresses and she is fond of cars like Honda Civic Hatchback which has a showroom price of $20,150, Tesla Model S which cost $110,700, Lexus SC 430 which price is about $68,405.

YouTube: Mila Kunis Cars Collections

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Moreover, She owns a Range Rover Vogue which costs $36,350. A Jaguar XK which cost more than $75,400 and a Range Rover Overfinch worth $144,850.

Mila Kunis House

Scrolling to the Actress Mila's house, Mila and Ashton Kutcher just spent $10 million for the secluded beachfront vacation home in Carpinteria, California.

CAPTION: Mila Kunis House
SOURCE: Hello Magazine

The house is spread in 3,100-square-foot which includes private drive and is surrounded by the sand and water on all sides. With Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a guest room.

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CAPTION: Mila Kunis House SOURCE: Curbed LA

Well, the actress and the mother of the two kids is not just nesting, she is moving into the whole new nest. She may have sold he incredible L.A mansion for a whopping $3.825 million and may have shifted with Kutcher.

Ten Facts about Mila Kunis

  1. Mila's first acting job was in the Barbie commercial.
  2. Mila's debuted on the Forbes for the Most Powerful Celebrities in 2013 at the number 89.
  3.  Mila has a fake Instagram Account.
  4. In 2012, Mila was Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive
  5. Mila has not watched more than one or two full episodes of a 70s show.
  6. Mila has learned how to use a gun while shooting in Max Payne
  7. Mila and Ashton relationship began as friends with the benefits
  8. Mila can speak Russian but can not read it
  9. The first book Mila read in English was The Return to Oz
  10.  Mila was 14 years old when she started that 70s Show