Amazon's Co-Founder Jeff Bezos is Going to be The First Trillionaire? His Net Worth and Properties

Well, the world has turned into the fierce battleground with the increase in competitions. There is no any competition from being the most beautiful and the richest. Here in this column, we are going to discuss the multi-billionaire giant who is going to be the first Trillionaire, Jeff Bezos.


Jeff Bezos is a founder of the Amazon who constantly is working his way to up to the new hight of success and earns a huge amount of money compared to any web millionaires. Stick with for more information regarding the person who is about to be the trillionaire. We are going to cover his net worth, contract, Assets in comparison to Bill Gates. Now Bezos is already around 37.1 Billion dollar ahead of the second richest computer businessman and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. As of 2018, his nearest competitor Gates has the total net worth of $90.1 billions.

Jeff Bezos Net worth, Earnings, and Shares

Well, you might know that Jeff Bezos earned $10 billion just within the two weeks of 2018. Being the founder of America's popular online shopping site, Amazon and black Friday sale of Amazon has made him able to stay forward on the list of wealthiest person of the world.

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SOURCE: The New Yorker

In the growing competition of being the richest, Jeff Bezos now has a huge amount of money and this year he further increased the distance between his nearest competitor Bill Gates by a huge fugure. After roughly calculating, we found out that Jeff Bezos earns around $1 billion each day thus no doubt, he will be the first ever trillionaire. 

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CAPTION: In just a few hours, Bill Gates beats Jeff Bezos, SOURCE: TechJuice

According to the Forbes, the multi-billionaires Jeff Bezos has earned the whopping amount of money estimated at $127.8 billion. In the following months, he has crossed the $100 billion regarding the previous net worth which is $93.8 billion.

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SOURCE: Forbes

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The seems to be on everyone's lips these days. Well, the stock was trading about $1,450 per share in 2018 of February in following with the company's report on the profit of $3 billion. 

CAPTION: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is shown in this June 16, 2014,  SOURCE: Toronto Star

As of June 2017, Amazon has announced that it has acquired the organic grocery chain Wholefoods Market, Inc has earned $13.7 billion. According to the 2017 financials companies, there are approximately 566,000 employees have and the revenues are about $177.9 billion. The number of a shareholder in the company has approximate shares of $78.89 million.

Jeff Bezos Securities and assets 

The one and only to be Trillionaire Jeff Bezos have gained the fame with the biggest online sales store. The Amazon's owner Jeff reportedly spends around $1.6 million on his security.

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We all know that Jeff Bezos is a wealthy person, and wears Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Watch which price is $8,000. Although he also earns a 10,000 years old clock purchase of $42 million.

Jeff Bezos Cars collections

Well, it's not a big deal to own varieties of means of transportation for the richest person on the planet "Jeff Bezos". 

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The richest person Jeff Bezos owns a Honda Accord which worth is more than $26,190. Further, he owns a private Dassault Falcon 900 Ex jet which worth is $41 million. 

Jeff Bezos Properties

Talking about Jeff Bezos properties, he owns a house in Medina, Washington, which estimated price is about $25 million. The house is spread in 27,000 Square-foot and the most exclusive thing is that it has 10 bedrooms. 

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SOURCE: Jeff Bezos house in Washington

The founder of the Giant online sale Amazon also owns a 2.3-acre of properties in Beverly Hills, California which estimated price is at $25 million. The house is spread in 12,000 square feet including a tennis court. Also, the house also contains a Swimming pool and 7 bedrooms.

CAPTION: Jeff Bezos house in Beverly Hills
SOURCE: Bisnow

Jeff Bezos also owns a whopping $28 million worth Lake Mansion in Washington with a Private Shoreline. Also, he has purchased a South Lake Union Campus for $1.15 billion. 

Jeff Bezos Investments

The Founder of the Amazon has also earned the huge amount of money from his investments. Despite being involved with Amazon, he is also involved in Juno Therapeutics, Workday, Basecamp, and Twitter.

CAPTION: He was an angel investor in Google, having invested $1million
SOURCE: MarketWatch

The above stats show that Jeff is always to ready to invest in any profitable business. He has invested in Airbnb, Uber, Google and many others. Jeff also has a Nash Holding LLC through which the Washington post was acquired for the report of $250 million with the daily circulation.