Age 35, Vikings Actress Alyssa Sutherland Salary From Her TV and Movie Appearance and Net Worth She Has Achieved

May 9, 2018
First Published On: May 9, 2018

After a brilliant appearance in the television series Vikings, 35 years old Austrailian Actress and a model Alyssa Sutherland has been climbing ladders of television success. With the rise in her fame, she is also summing up her earnings and net worth every day.


Alyssa was a model before she started her career as an actress. Her appearance in medieval series Vikings has been brilliant for her career success as she is earning both name and money as an actress after Vikings. Alyssa Sutherland seems to be receiving an impressive salary for her role in Vikings and also collected a large sum of Net Worth. Let us know more about her salary from her television and movie appearances inclusive of her total net worth.

Net Worth of Alyssa Sutherland

Australian model and an actress have been actively participating in television series and movies, as well as modeling which has helped her gather an impressive net worth of $5 million and her salary, is estimated to be around $151,000.

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Alyssa won a Bonne Belle model Search for a teen magazine in Australia, Girlfriend. Since her win, she was active in modeling. Further, she signed a contract with Vogue Australia to further establish her dominance in Australian modeling world. Her continuity in her modeling career helped her to build up her profile and opt. out to acting.

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Alyssa has appeared in a lot of magazines including Vogue, Harper Bazaar, and many others. She also appeared in a television advertisement for Cadbury in 2007 and became the newest Flake Girl. 

Beside of her appearance in the Cadbury advertisement, she has also featured in some other advertisement including Nestea.

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Beside of modeling, she has also given her roles in some movies like The Devils Wears Prada and Day on Fire. Though the actress has not much appeared in a film she has collected some earnings from film appearances as well. She has appeared in about 7 television series which has been profitable for the actress's financial as well for the career development.

She is also seen sharing her picture in different social media of her modeling photoshoot. She looks very busy giving her appearances for different magazines recently. She often shares her picture of her modeling via Instagram.

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Alyssa Sutherland's appearances and salary from Vikings

Alyssa in a popular television series Vikings has appeared in 35 episodes as Aslaug. Her regular appearances in the current Television series Vikings is paid over $150,000 per episode which might also increase ahead with her rising popularity.

Youtube: Alyssa Sutherland talks about Vikings

Vikings have been one of the best career series for Austrailian actress Alyssa Sutherlands which has helped her to build up her career and her earnings. Her presentation for her role has won the heart of many Vikings series lovers as well as many other peoples.