Alyssa Sutherland Married Laurence Shanet; been together for 8 years!

Sutherland who was born in Brisbane is an Australian actress as well as a model. She is married to an American movie director Laurence Shanet. They have been together for a long time now.

Today, in this section, know in detail about the model Alyssa Sutherland’s married life with her husband Laurence Shanet. Explore the reason behind their perfect relationship, also know how long they stayed together before getting married.

Alyssa Sutherland Married Laurence Shanet

As mentioned above, Alyssa is married to an American movie director. Being from two different countries, the two make a good couple together. They were of 42 and 26 years when they started their relationship, and are together since 2009.

Alyssa Sutherland and Laurence Shanet Alyssa Sutherland and Laurence Shanet, Source: Got Celeb

Alyssa Sutherland and Laurence Shanet started dating in the year 2009. They dated for three years and decided to get married on 5th Feb 2012. Hence, they have been happily married for five years. Well, if you think you know everything about this Vikings star, no you don’t! Keep on scrolling if you want to know more facts about her.

Does the couple have any children?

Now, as you already know that the couple has been together for over 8 years, you must be wondering if they have any children together. Well, they don’t! In various interviews, Alyssa has mentioned that she is not going to rush on having any children.

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When asked about her view on having any children, on 2011, she said,

No, I’ve never been. Is it bad to say that I hate kids?

She added,

 I’m excited about my sister’s child because it’s not my kid but I’m not going to lie, children make me nervous.

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Well, it was all over the world that she had a phobia with children. Even though she hasn't had any children yet and although she is not thinking to have one in recent years, she has so much love for her nephews. She keeps on posting pictures of her nephew on Instagram.

Now, we can assume that she doesn’t actually ‘hate’ children like she mentions, she wouldn’t be showering her love to her nephews. It's just that she must not be ready to be a parent right now. Well, let’s hope that the couple soon realizes that it’s time and have cute babies together.