'Vikings' star Clive Standen, who has a height of 1.88 m , shares his Warrior Workout Routine

A lot of people must be dying to know the secret behind the athletic body of Clive Standen. The Vikings’ star has a hot and sexy body that is always attracting envious stares from the people around him. After a long wait, Standen has finally revealed the steps he took to obtain such a body.

The Vikings’ star has openly talked about the secret behind his athletic build. In the recent interview, the 1.88m tall actor talks about how he changed his body, which was once lean, to something like that of a real Viking. Standen claims that his work in the Viking is one of the most physically exerting jobs he has ever done.

In an interview with muscleandfitness.com, Standen revealed that his workout methods are slightly different than usual. In order to play a Viking, one really needs a lot of muscle mass. Unfortunately, Standen was initially made of a leaner build. So it was a big challenge for him to adjust to the role that he was given in the Vikings at first.

Standen said that he immediately hired a trainer after he was offered a role in the Vikings. He said, “To play a Viking you need to understand that most of their strength comes from having a strong back and shoulders, and a strong core from things like rowing, tilling land, chopping wood and manning ropes and sails. I wanted it to be really organic so we came up with a workout that matched that.”

Unlike other people who worked in gyms, Standen found that working outdoor was more fun and convenient. He preferred to work out in parks and in his own garden. He even confessed that he worked out during his work as well. “I carry my resistance bands everywhere so I can do small installments of workouts in between takes,” he said, “and there are a hundred different things you can do with your own body weight.”

Standen also added that working outdoors really suited him. He said, “Me and my trainer came up with a routine that kept me out of the gym most of the times.” The 34 year old actor claims that he is not new to heavy exercises. He joined a professional stunt team in Nottingham when he was just 12. The work involved sword fighting and horse riding. Besides this, he was also engaged in boxing during his late teens.

Standen made his debut in his acting career by appearing in the T.V series ‘Waking the Dead’ in 2004. The same year he appeared in the film ‘Ten Days to D-Day’. After this, he was involved in many other T.V series along with films. His role as Rolo in the Vikings has earned him great fame in the movie industry. Currently, he lives in London.

Standen married his childhood sweetheart Franscesca Standen in 2007. They have three children. He has nearly 161,000 followers in Twitter.

Standen is now really busy with his work in the T.V series Vikings. We hope that he continues to perform well and is offered even better roles in the future.