Age 35, Irish Actress Katie McGrath's Career Achievement and Net Worth

The Irish actress, Katie McGrath, is best known for her roles as Morgana in the historical drama Merlin.  So far, she has added a lot to her total net worth summing it up to $4 million.


The young actress has been working her socks off to be where she is it at now. The actress who is currently in a relationship with fellow Merlin actor, Colin Morgan, has a pretty successful personal life and he has had the same faith in his professional careers. Let’s look at how much she earns from her movies and what she spends her cash on.

Katie McGrath’s Net Worth

As we have already stated above, the Merlin actress, Katei McGrath has a total estimated net worth of around $4 million from her career in the filming industry.

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CAPTION: Katie McGrath
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The career of the actress started when she took a job at the Image Magazine because of her love for fashion journalism. She later worked on to become a wardrobe assistant on the sets of The Tudors. Her first movie was Damage and later, she was cast in several hit movies and TV shows. From her career, she has been able to get 23 acting credits on her portfolio.

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YouTube: Katie McGrath in her debut movie

With her hard work, she has been able to land on a protagonist's roles in the TV shows like Merlin, Dracula, Slasher, and Supergirl. Apart from these, she has also appeared in a Hozier music video, From Eden.

Katie McGrath’s Lifestyle

If we talk about Katie McGrath, then she has a great sense of fashion from her previous work experience and is a lover of style. She has somewhat 25 pairs of shoes as she probably uses around $4000 to $5000 per month in buying them. According to her, she doesn’t have many handbags. She buys one and uses it until it’s dead.

CAPTION: Katie McGrath
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She is a proud owner of a Laine Cashmere Coat, which she bought as her first designer pieces. She has some diamond earrings as she states she always wears them. Most of her diamond earrings came from her mother as for every achievement, her mother bought her a pair of them.

CAPTION: Katie McGrath with her pet
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As for the most expensive item on her wardrobe, she points out to a Balenciaga Flight Jacket someone gave in her birthday. She is also a lover of Alexander Wang, Miu Miu, Vivienne Westwood, McQueen, and Balmain. She also owns a pet dog named Krys Marshall.

Top 10 Facts of Katie McGrath

1.       Katie McGrath was born in 1983 in Ashford, Ireland.

2.       She is the daughter of Pail and Mary.

3.       She has two older brothers, Sean and Rory.

4.       She is currently dating Colin Morgan.

5.       She has a net worth of around $4 million.

6.       Katie started from the TV series, Damage.

7.       She wanted to be a fashion journalist.

8.       She has been nominated for two award shows.

9.       She has also worked as a wardrobe assistant.

10.   He only came to acting after she was advised by someone on the sets of The Tudors.