32 Years Old Northern Ireland Actor Colin Morgan Is Dating Girlfriend Katie McGrath; Are They Planning to Get Married?

An Irish actress, Colin Morgan, who is best known for portraying the main character in the series Merlin, has been in a love relationship with actress Katie McGrath, with whom he had co-starred back in 2012. 


Being in a relationship with the person of the same profession is the best thing as they will understand every problem as well as get along with each other. As actor Colin and Katie also belong to the same profession, they are very happy with each other without having a problem. Let's have a look at their love story in our article.

Colin Morgan's relationship with Katie McGrath

The actor Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath had always been asked if they were dating and in a relationship. There were no posts of them together living like a couple in their social media profiles. So, it really questioned the very fact of their romantic relationship. 

CAPTION: Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath SOURCE: Fanpop

We are happy to report you that these two are certainly dating. When we inspected their social media profiles, we found out a photo of them together that they shared. So, this cleared things up as to they are still dating. 

The pair met each other for the first time at the set of series Merlin which was broadcasted on BBC from 2008-2012. While playing the series, they also developed their relationship in 2010. It has already been eight years the couple is going well together. But their less appearance together has always made their fans questioned about their relationship.

Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath plan to get married

Getting asked when to get married after being in a relationship is common. Colin who has been in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend has also been asked about when to get married and same to Katie as well. But none of them has spoken a word regarding their plan to wed.

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CAPTION: Katie McGrath kissing Colin Morgan SOURCE: Pinterest

As being demanded actor and actress of Hollywood maybe both of them are busy in their profession so that they are not able to manage time for getting married. Hope we will get to hear about their big day soon or maybe they have a different plan.

Top 10 Facts of Colin Morgan

1. Colin Morgan was born on January 1, 1986.
2. Colin started his acting career at the age of 21.
3. Colin Morgan's net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.
4. Colin has a BAF 1 Star Stage Combat Certificate. 
5. He is a vegan. 
6. He also plays Bodhran, an Irish drum. 
7. Colin is lactose intolerant. 
8. He is also a strong swimmer. 
9. The actor is also allergic to tomatoes. 
10. He has appeared naked in a stage show called A Pray For My Daughter