49 Years' Actor Actor Paul Rudd's Net Worth and Salary; Know about his Career, Movies, and Earnings

The American actor, comedian, writer, and producer Paul Rudd has appeared and produced several hit movies and added a lot of cash to his net worth. 


Today, we are going to talk about the total earnings the actor Paul Rudd has earned throughout his filming career. We will also discuss his property details, so let's look at some of the interesting details of Paul's net worth and success. 

Paul Rudd's Net Worth and Salary

The actor Paul Rudd has been actively working in the field for a long time. No doubt, Paul Rudd's net worth is high. Well, Paul Rudd's net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. He might have collected such a huge amount from the movies.

CAPTION: Paul Rudd photography session SOURCE: Instagram

Paul earned a whopping amount of money through his acting career. The actor started out with the TV series, Sisters where he was seen for almost three years in more than 20 episodes. Clueless is his debut's movie.

CAPTION: Paul Rudd in Clueless SOURCE: Youtube

The actor has appeared in more than 50 movies and 30 TV series. Most of his successful movies include The Ant-Man ($519.3 million), This is 40 ($88.1 million), The Perks of Being a Wallflower ($33.4 million), Knocked Up ($219.1 million), The Cider House Rules ($88.5 million), The 40-Year-Old Virgin ($177.4 million), and the Anchorman franchise ($90.6 million for part 1 and $173.6 million for part 2). 

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Paul Rudd as a Producer

Apart from being an actor, Paul Rudd is also a producer of Hollywood movies. He first produced the film The Ten in 2007. Since then, he has a total of 4 Producer credits to his name. 

CAPTION: Paul Rudd in THE TEN SOURCE: DVD-trailers

His first produced movie, The Ten didn't get much popularity; it only earned $785,528 at the box office even though, it had a budget of more than $5 million. His second movie earned more than $24 million as he was the producer and protagonist of the movie, Wanderlust.  The producer has also been an executive producer of the TV series Party Down for a total of 20 episodes. 

Well, the multitalented actor has been giving it all as he tries to keep up with the rapidly changing world. Paul Rudd, a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is living with his wife Julie Yeager and his children; a son, Jack Sullivan, and a daughter, Darby