'Ant-Man' Paul Rudd team up with Blake Griffin for 'Red Nose Day'

February 21, 2018
First published on:May 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Marvel's Antman Paul Rudd collaborated with NBA star Blake Griffin in a video to donate money for children in Red Nose Day.


Paul Rudd agreed to donate $5k for every 3 pointers Griffin made in the span of three minutes. Paul should have thought it through as it costs him a whopping amount, and three-pointers are not even Griffin’s specialty.

Within the first minute, Griffin managed to sink 10 baskets, amassing Paul’s charity to $50k. Then for the final two minutes, they took the game even further, literally!

Griffin started to sink three points from half court. Although it did slow his scoring speed, it didn’t save Paul from donating yet another $50k. Thank god, he didn’t invite Stephen Curry. That man could have ruined Paul’s life.

As the three-pointer sunk, Paul’s hesitation grew even more. $5k per basket, that’s one expensive score! The video was pretty hilarious, especially that part when Paul tried to divert Griffin and distract him. The end was pretty entertaining as well. Check out the video on how it ends.

Well, that was quite an interesting way Paul donate money for children.  

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