42 Years Rapper Rick Ross Earning Well From His Career and Managing a Good Growth in His Net Worth

Rick Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II is a prominent American rapper who is huge and weighs 300 pounds and stands 6 foot tall. So, how huge is his net worth? In most of his songs, he’s mentioned that he makes money through illegal activities, but in fact, he’s been working very hard for about a decade and has earned a good share.


So, if you want to know in detail about Rick Ross’ net worth as of 2017, his estimated earnings throughout his career as well as about the cars and houses he owns, keep on reading the article until the end.

Rick Ross’ net worth

Rick Ross’ net worth as of 2018 is $35 million. Let’s talk about his earning in more detail. Back in 2006, his estimated earnings from the Miami Record Sales was $800,000 by selling 750 thousand copies in the US alone. Similarly, in 2008, he earned about $685,000 from Trilla Record Sales of which he sold over 645 thousand copies again in the US alone.

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CAPTION: Rick Ross SOURCE: Insyder

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Moreover, in 2009 Rick made earnings of about $760,000 from Teflon Don Record Sales by selling about 724 thousand copies in the US. In the same way, his earnings from God Forgives, I Don’t record sales was $600,000 with 555 thousand copies sold in the US.

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Now that we can clearly see that Rick has been increasing his net worth every year, let’s have a lot at how he spends his money. What cars and houses he owns, in the next subheading.

Rick Ross car collection and houses

Rick Ross is very much fond of cars. He often shows off his car collection several times on social media. The first car he owns is Rolls Royce Wraith whose price started at $317,700 in the US. The second car he owns is Rolls Royce Phantom which costs around $250,000 in the United States. Rick seems to have a great interest in ‘Rolls Royce’ as he owns another Rolls Royce Ghost whose price is about $250,000 in the US.

Caption: Rick Ross' car collection

Another car he owns is Lamborghini Murcielago whose price falls under $332,458 - $467,982. He also has a Ferrari 458 which costs over $257,000. Ross also has Maybach 57S, Bentley Continental, Hummer H2 and 1973 Chevy Caprice. Talking about the house he lives in, it is located at Fayetteville Atlanta, Georgia.

CAPTION: Rick Ross' house

It is one of the biggest houses of that reason which Rick bought for $5.8 million. The house stands at 253 acres of land and sums up to 54,000 square feet. It consists of 109 rooms out of which 12 rooms are bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. His dining room can host about a hundred people and he’s also got an indoor as well as outdoor swimming pool.

Facts about Rick Ross

1. Rick Ross was born with the name William Leonard Roberts II on 28th January 1976. 
2. Once he got graduated from high school, he got enrolled at historically black college named, Albany State University. 
3. He joined the university on a football scholarship.
4. For 18  month back in 1995, he worked as a correctional officer. 
5. He changed his name to Rick Ross in the mid-2000s.
6. Ross stands 6 foot tall and weighs about 300 pounds. 
7. Rick's net worth as of 2018 is $35 million. 
8. He bought a house in Georgia for $5.8 million.
9. His house consists of two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor. 
10. Ross was once engaged to hip-hop model, Lira Mercer.