3-17-2018 marks Netflix's Wild Wild Country's Premiere Date, The content of this Docu-Series Will give you Goosebumps

March 19, 2018
First Published On: March 17, 2018

December 11 marked an important date for India and the world as it scored the birth of a modern man's guru! Bhagwan Shree Rajnish known among his followers as (Osho) is one of the most controversial Munks to date.


Let's know the story of a capitalist guru who purchased a 64 thousand Acers of land in Oregon and tried to run his own city and further proceeded to successfully conduct the biggest bioterrorist attack in the History of the United States. But was it all done by Bhagwan? It's one of the most controversial topics to touch and we hope Netflix does answer it!

Who is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh?

Writing 700 volumes of English and Hindi books of liberation and enlightenment, he was the centre of attraction for many youths till his last breath. Well, Netflix is about to cover the docu-series called the Wild Wild Country, and it's about to become everyone's series of interest.

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Let's take a look at the trailer for The Wild Wild Country:

It covers a modern-day monk, his off the edge preachings along with his point of view towards an establishment free society which worked on love, not through any system.

CAPTION: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Osho SOURCE: Osho Dhara

Sounds terrible? If it does then, you have to think again! Osho after running the wave of his religion all over India and speaking on many controversial issues that the eastern society never accepted like gaining nirvana using sex and pointing out the actual taboos that surrounded all religious societies tumbled into a lot of hate and at the same time gathered a lot many followers.

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CAPTION: Osho's NEo Sanyaasa SOURCE: Google Images

Starting his life as a teacher in a university he went on to be one of the most potent gurus, but the docu-series will not be about his life experience and teachings.

CAPTION: Painting of Spiritual Guru Osho SOURCE: Spiritual Guru Osho

The series will feature a lot crazier aspect of his stay at Rajnishpuram (an ashram he and his followers built in America), it will show how Radical Rajnish followers tried to protect their commune by creating its own small army and how that all was brought down by the American government.

CAPTION: Rajneeshpuram SOURCE: Google images

Crazy right? The series was streamed for the first time last night on Friday, March 16. For viewers those who don't know what the series is about then here is a rough sketch for you but beware you might find some spoilers on the way. Wild Wild Country is a documentary-series about Osho's Oregon based ashrama called Rajneeshpuram it was a commune hand built by (possibly the richest) Indian spiritual teacher Rajnish who later changed his name to Osho. 

CAPTION: World famous spiritual master Osho SOURCE: Google images

The people from Osho's Oregon commune repeatedly tried to run a small town in the 1980s and even fought with the American government for their right of religion.

CAPTION: Famous Indian Actor Vinodh Khanna Taking Sanyasha from SOURCE:

The series is six-episode long, it consists the footage of the cult members, present-day interviews, and videos of the guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh preaching to his thousands of followers. It will further highlight the largest bioterrorist attack in the History of the United States conducted by Bhagwan's closest follower Ma Anand Sheela.

So, do you love a conservative and liberalist fight drama?

It was actually a real scenario after people started following Rajneesh and even named a town after him around Oregon, older conservative people from smaller town and the whole system gathered around the issue. Which nearly took another turn as an armed movement in Rancho, Oregon.

CAPTION: Rajneesh Plack Oregon

we saw some ruthless empowerment over the short settled town of Rajnishpuram and the back and forth going fight threw Rajneesh out of America.

CAPTION: Bhagwan Osho and his follower Sheela SOURCE:

Despite being accused by the States and even proven guilty, he never did any jail time whereas all Rajneesh supporters and his hand full followers who are still alive claim that the US government poisoned the guru with slow poison that took his life later in 19th January 1990.

It was further claimed by the dying man himself in his hour-long commune. Let's take a look at the video footage where Osho confirms he had been poisoned.

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