Yunjin Kim and husband Jeong Hyeok Park having marital trouble after 5 years of married life

The ‘Lost’ star Yunjin Kim married her former manager Jeong Hyeok Park back in March 2010 on a romantic yet hushed up wedding ceremony on the island of Oahu.

The very-much-in-love couple tied the knot a day after Kim finished filming her final scenes for hit ABC TV drama series Lost. They seemed quite happy and madly in love. But rumor has it that after five years of marriage, the couple is having marital trouble.

A source has claimed that the husband and wife duo are having some marital issues in their five years long marriage. It stated that the couple had been having heated arguments in the past few months.

The source, who knows the actress and her manager husband quite closely, revealed that the pair was on the verge of having fist fights. “I have never seen Kim and Park so violent. They were so much in love, you know. They took care of each other and they were always soft-spoken.

“It all started with babies. Park wants to have kids, but Kim says she is not ready for it. They are already in their 40s and Park thinks they are getting old, which is why he wants to have kids and settle down. But the problem is; Kim is not really into it. She thinks having kids now might ruin her career in Hollywood,” revealed the insider.

The informant further added that Kim had struggled really hard to be in the position she is today. “It is not an easy task for an Asian American woman to garner fame in Hollywood and Kim knows that her role in Lost helped her rise above.

So, she is reluctant to have children at this age as she does not want to fall from the height of her career,” explained the gossipmonger.

“But Park is not so happy with her idea of fame. He tried his best to convince her that there are countless such celebs in the show biz who have had both a booming career and a perfectly happy family life.

But she is so stubborn. She does not want to listen. This is the reason why they have been having issues in their personal lives,” the informant spilled the beans.

The source also added that the couple fought so often that even their neighbors have started complaining about them. They are so fed up of the couple’s everyday feud that they have warned the actress and her husband to call the authority if needed.

So, listening to all the tittle-tattle from the source, it really seems like the popular actress and her husband of five years are having trouble in their marriage.

However, her Twitter and Instagram tell a completely different story. Looking at her status in the social media sites, one can tell that the Mistresses actress is perfectly happy with her hubby. But we should never judge a book by its cover, should we?