Yaron Versano married his wife Gal Gadot and have a child. What's their love story?

The Hollywood's hot diva The wonder women Gal Gadot is married, so if you are wondering about the numerous answers about her husband and daughter then here we are with all of the interesting facts about the couple.


Gal Gadot husband's name is Yaron Versano who is a successful Israeli business and the couple have been together for eight years and the couple has a baby daughter named Alma Versona.

So, in today's digest, we are going to cover up the love story of the DC's favorite comic star Gal Gadot. In today's conversation, we will see all about how they grew together everything the actress does in social media to show her fans how much she loves her husband.

Trio, Yaron Versano's family

Gadot is married to Yaron Versano since 2008, the couple has a beautiful daughter named Alma. The husband of wonder women is a hotel businessman, Versano owns The Varsano Hotel in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Gadot recently announced that the two are expecting a second child from her Instagram account to the world and the gender of the unborn child has not been confirmed by either of the husband or the wife till today.

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The couple already has a five years old daughter who is often seen with Gadot on her Movie Sets. Varsano and his sexy wife Gadot know each other for ten long years and they married each other in 2008, two years after they mate each other.

Gal Gadot welcomed second child 

On 19th March 2017, Yaron and Gal Gadot welcomed their second child. The couple named their daughter as Maya Versano. Take a look at her adorable daughter.   

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Inside story 

The couple met each other after a friend introduced them in a chat. The couple was completely unknown what was coming on their way until they started dating in 2006. The couple was quickly ready to change their vows in two short years of time. They married each other in 2008.

The couple traveled a lot to Isreal where Versano had his business, so there was a time where they had to call a hotel room as their home. But after three years of back and forth travel from the USA to Isreal, the couple finally managed to make a baby out of their busy lives.

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