Who is Rachel Ramras' Husband?Know about her Married Life and Children

Rachel Ramras is an American actress, comedian, television writer, as well as the voice actress. She is famous as a member of ‘The Groundlings’ and has provided a voice for many famous cartoons like The Looney Tunes Show, Scooby-Doo, etc. But today in this article, we will not be talking about her professional life and career success but about her personal life, including her married life and children.


If you are a follower of Rachel Ramras, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you guys that Rachel has been married twice. So, if you want to know in detail about both her husband, who she is with currently and why her previous marriage ended up in a sad note, as well as the children she has, keep on reading the article until the end.

Rachel Ramras’s married life

Rachel Ramras has been very much private about her married life. We looked up to several sites to find out the when Rachel first got married, we found nothing except her ex-husband’s name, i.e. Christian Duguay. However, the reason behind their divorce wasn't publicized too. However, her second marriage with Hugh Davidson is a bit transparent than the first one.

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CAPTION: Rachel Ramas and husband Hugh Davidson SOURCE: wikinetworth

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But again, the exact date of marriage hasn’t been revealed; neither have they disclosed the location of their wedding. Ramras and Duguay together have twins but again the exact birth date and age of the children aren’t disclosed but the twins are about 13 years of age currently.

CAPTION: Rachel Ramas' twin daughters SOURCE: Instagram

Ramas keeps on posting the picture of her babies on every mother’s day. She is a proud mother of two. The duo has a close bond with one another and they never forget to wish each other on their birthdays on Instagram.

Rachel Ramras and husband Hugh Davidson work together

How cute would it be if you could work together with your love? Ramras and Davidson have been working together for a long time. They created a comedy tv series, Nobodies. They’ve been together on screen in another series, splitsider as well in 2017.

CAPTION: Rachel Ramas and husband Hugh Davidson SOURCE: Splitsider

When Ramras was asked about the relationship she said,

It’s all weird because we’ve never acted on anything, for the most part. It was comfortable though because we’ve been performing at Groundlings for all these years. I’m married to Hugh, Larry’s our best friend, and Mike MacDonald, our showrunner, and director, we’ve known forever. So there is a comfort factor. And TV Land is really encouraging of exploring the relationships on the show and not just have Hollywood as the driver of the show.

Thus the above statement shows that the couple has a close bond with one another and have been living together since their marriage. Although they don’t show off much about their relationship and they keep their love life behind the curtain, they still have a cute chemistry.

Facts about Rachel Ramras and Hugh Davidson

1. Rachel Ramras was born as Rachel Leah Ramras on 20th December 1974.
2. Rachel, along with her husband Hugh, created a TV series named Nobodies.
3. Rachel has been married twice.
4. Her Previous husband is Christian Duguay
5. Her birth sign is Sagittarius. 
6. She is one of the embers of The Groundlings.
7. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
8. She has provided a voice to the famous cartoon Scooby-Doo.
9. She is best known for her performance in Looney tunes: Rabbits Run and Mike Tyson Mysteries. 
10. Rachel has twin daughters.