Movie and TV Series Actress Melissa McBride Married or Dating; Rumored to be a Lesbian

Melissa McBride is a Veteran TV actress who is 52 years old and still going well in her career but do you know anything about her personal life. As we all know she has been playing the role of Carol Peletier, the widow and a mother of a daughter in The Walking Dead but what about in real life? Is Melissa McBride married till the date? If not, then who is she dating?


Earning lots of fans through professional career only doesn’t mean you are a success in your life. You also have to maintain the same ratio in your personal life, isn’t it? Being such a famous personality of Hollywood, Melissa’s personal life is a bit hidden from the limelight. Scroll down to know every possible information of Melissa McBride.

Is Melissa McBride Married? Know her current relationship status

We all know the relationship status of the actress in her reel life. But it’s very hard to say something about her when it’s come to her personal life as she prefers to keep her personal life secretive. But being such a famous personality of Hollywood, it’s tough to hide everything.

CAPTION: Melissa McBride SOURCE: Pinterest

Well, if we talk about her marital status, then she is yet to be married and start a family of her own. But if we dig into her love life, then it’s very hard to say as we have not found her with anyone till the date.

CAPTION: Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead SOURCE: Undead Walking

Maybe she is in search of a good partner for her future. Or, it can also be that she is just too busy with her professional work and has no time to be in any type of relationship. The relationship status of this actress can be anything, but without any proof, we cannot claim otherwise.

Melissa McBride rumored to be the member of LGBT

Backbiting about other people is human’s nature. Whatever you do in your life, other people won’t be satisfied with you and start taking ill behind your back. Likewise, actress Melissa has also devoted a lot to Hollywood, but still, people haven’t stopped talking ill about her and spread the rumor of her being a Lesbian.

CAPTION: Melissa McBride in her young age SOURCE: YouTube

As she is not found with any guy till the date, many people have suspected her to be a member of the LGBT. Usually, it is normal to think like that if you don’t find any clue about someone’s partner.

Well, she has not spoken a single word regarding her partner and sexuality so we cannot claim anything about her. Whatever be the case, the only thing we can do is to wait for her answer regarding all the above questions from Melissa.