Who is the father of Felicia Day's Daughter, Calliope Maeve Day? Is She Married or Secretly Dating?

March 22, 2018
First Published On: March 22, 2018

An American actress Felicia Day has given birth to her first child. 38 old years actress is unmarried and is not dating anyone. Who might be the father of Felicia's first child, Calliope Maeve?


Felicia Day actress of series The Guide, Dragon Age: Redemption surprised everyone by the news of being pregnant. She made the whole world curious by giving birth to a child when she was not even married, nor she was dating anybody. Felicia gave the unique name to a child Calliope Maeve which also added more curiosity to the public. However, she might be dating secretly, but it is a mystery until today.

Who is the father of Felicia Day's Daughter? Know her Relationship and Dating History

On June 2, 2017, Felicia gave birth to her first child. However, the fact about the father of a child is still unknown. The curiosity among the media and fan is increasing with the question, who is the father, of a child when her mother is still unmarried. 

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CAPTION: Felicia clicked the feet of her first child after birth SOURCE: Instagram

Although being beautiful and a talented actress, singer, producer and a writer, an American lady Felicia was or is in a very few rumors of a relationship. 38 years old Felicia Day has tried to keep her personal information out of the limelight.

Felicia shared:

According to other sources, Felicia was once in a relationship with Nathan Fillion in the past. Nathan is a Canadian Actor and voice actor famous for his role as Richard Castle, in ABC series Castle.

CAPTION: Felicia Day with Nathan Fillion SOURCE: Zimbio

Felicia is a very secret keeping lady; she has not much revealed about her past and present relationships. However, she sometimes shared with her boyfriend in Twitter back. She had tweeted in 2008 mentioning her boyfriend. Due to her low profile, it is not yet sure, about who was her love.

CAPTION: Felicia Mentioned about her boyfriend SOURCE: Twitter

The fact about the breakup between the American actress Felicia and the Canadian actor Nathan is also a secret. Therefore the couple is not yet together as there are no any rumors about the couple in the recent days.

Among hand full of male friends, she looks really close with Baby Driver's Director, Edgar Wright as she has posted a photo with him on her personal Instagram. However, she has many other photos with other men, the photo with Edgar looks super suspective. Here's the picture below;

CAPTION: Suspected boyfriend of Felicia SOURCE: Instagram

Felicia Day's Daughter Unique Name

Felicia named her daughter Calliope. Calliope is also the name of a Muse in Greek Mythology who leads over fluency and epic poetry. We hope to see her skills with the written words in the coming future as her mother feels.

She proudly and happily gave her daughter a name, Calliope. But still, the family name of her daughter is Day.

Felicia with her daughter looks very happy and satisfied and is a very caring mother to her child. The American actress doesn't look too desperate for a new partner.