Who is Shiva Safai Hadid's Husband? Uncover his Married Life and Children

Shiva Safai, you might have heard this name somewhere around, right? Well, this gorgeous lady is none other than fiancée of millionaire Mohamed Hadid and is the mother of supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Though they are already engaged, they haven’t fixed their marriage date yet. Let’s turn some more pages of their personal life and find out in detail about their dating life and love affairs.

Shiva Safai relationship with her millionaire fiancé Mohamed Hadid

Shiva and Mohamed, the odd yet adorable couple had their first encounter in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles back in 2014. Within a short duration, both of them started falling for each other and went on several dates. And, finally the lovely pair got engaged and it has already been two years since then.

shiva safai and her millionaire husband Mohamed Hadid shiva safai and her millionaire husband Mohamed Hadid, Source: CelebSiren

They didn’t have a good relationship with their prior partners, that’s why,  Shiva and Mohamed are together and staying happily with their children.

Moving on to their previous lives, Shiva divorced twice and then the Second Wives Club star Shiva Safai chose Mohamed Hadid where she insisted she doesn't care about the 33-year age gap between them. Whereas for Mohamed, if he will marry Shiva this would be his third marriage.

Shiva Safai beau Mohamed Hadid’s ex-wives and children

Father of supermodels Mohamed was married to two ladies before he met Shiva Safai. He was first married to Mary Butler but due to some personal problems, they got divorced back in 1992. Later after the divorce with Mary, he married Yolanda Hadid, the real housewives of Beverly Hills stars.

After knowing about his former wives aren’t you curious enough to know about Mohamed’s children? Well, Mohamed is a father of five children, two kids from his first wife and three kids from the second wife.

Together with Mary Butler, Mohamed welcomed two daughters Marielle and Alana who are grown-ups now. Though Mohamed and Mary don’t stay together they still have a good bonding with each other.

Meanwhile, moving on to his celebrity wife Yolanda, Mohamed and Yolanda were together for six years.In those six years, Yolanda gave birth to three children, two model daughters, Gigi and Bella and a son named Anwar. However, no any records are available regarding Mohamed’s divorce with his second celebrity wife.

Shiva Safai’s relationship with Mohamed Hadid’s children

It seems like Shiva has not only a warm relationship with Mohamed’s kids but also with his former wife Yolanda.
Know in Shiva’s words that were reported by Mirror,

They have an amazing mother who is always involved in their lives and has the best advice and intentions for them. I am very grateful to be part of a family. I have been welcomed in with so much warmth and love. They know they can count on me anytime and day and I'm always there cheering them on from the sidelines.

Well, Well, Well, if Shiva and Mohamed will soon marry, Shiva will be a stepmom to his children. However, Shiva reveals that she doesn't like to be called as a stepmom rather she would prefer to be good and trustworthy friends of Mohamed’s children.

Did you know the fact that Shiva’s age doesn’t differ much with Mohamed’s two model daughters Gigi and Bella? No matter how similar their age is, Shiva doesn't feel insecure at all rather she admits that she is proud to be part of their success and the stunning lady they have become.

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Well, till date no rumors are heard of Shiva and Mohamed’s break up. We do hope that the couple where Shiva Safai & Mohamed Hadid's Relationship Isn't Defined By Their Age will give us the good news regarding their wedding pretty soon.