Who is Quinn Culkin Dating? Know her Family Life, Past Affairs, Tragic death of her sister, and Career

Sister of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin, Quinn Culkin rose to fame as an actress in the early 90s. Macaulay's fame from the Home Alone franchise helped launch the careers of the Culkin family. With most of the members of her family being actors, it was not surprising when Quinn decided to become an actor as well. She played a few roles alongside her brother in the early 90s and seemed to be heading towards fame herself.

However, after a few years in Hollywood, she disappeared from the limelight. To maintain a private life, Quinn has not been present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media. So what happened to Quinn Culkin? Find out below.

Early Life: Acting roots

Childhood image of Quinn. She is on a plane. She is wearing a white gown and has magazines around her

Born on November 8, 1984, the 34-year-old actress has all but disappeared from the public eye in the past decade. She rose to fame under the shadow of her brother, Macaulay Culkin in the early 90s. Macaulay’s role in the Home Alone movies made him the most popular child actor of the era and also helped launch the career of Quinn. Quinn comes from a family of actors, and her father Kit Culkin is an ex-Broadway performer. She aspired to become an actress from an early age. One of her earlier roles was in the movie Home Alone. Quinn played a small, uncredited role as a girl in the airport. 

Family Life: Rough divorce

Quinn’s parents managed their children’s careers and took a 15% cut from the total income for managing the household. Quinn has five siblings; Macaulay, Rory, Shane, Christian, and Kieran

Culkins family during the 90s. They are dressed up as if they are going at some event

Quinn’s family life was tumultuous, to say the least. In 1995, Quinn’s mother Patricia Brentrup filed for divorce. At this point, her father Kit was already known for being a nightmare to work with on set. However, none of this compared to his behavior at home. Kit was an abusive father with a quick temper. Macaulay even said that when he and his father traveled for work, his mother and siblings got “3 months off from him..”.

Her father’s toxic behavior impacted the Culkin family profoundly. Patricia won custody of the Culkin children and her father Kit moved to rural Oregon. Quinn and her family ceased keeping in touch with their father. Quinn and her family are still out of contact with Kit. The 74-year-old actor suffered a fatal stroke and recovered after two years. Despite this, he never reached out to his children. He has also mentioned that he doesn't consider them to be his family. However, the Culkin siblings are very tight-knit.

Career: Promise of potential

Quinn and Macaulay skiing. They are holding hands.

Directors and producers in Hollywood were eager to feature the Culkin clan and Quinn won roles in several movies in the process. Her first role was a small, uncredited role in Home Alone (1990). According to her IMDb page, she then provided voice acting for the 1991 animated TV show Wish Kid, besides Macaulay for 13 episodes. She also starred in the 1993 movie The Good Son, besides brother Macaulay.

This has been her last silver screen performance to date. She had a small voice role in the 2011 television series Om Nom Stories (2011). Her career alongside her family had its ups and downs and took a significant hit when her parents divorced. She was also present in The Culkins, a 2007 documentary/biography that followed the lives of the Culkin family based on archived footage taken over the past two decades.

Dating Life: Hush-hush

A guy has wrapped his hand around Quinn's waist.

Quinn has maintained a very private life and is rarely seen in the media. She doesn’t have a digital presence either. Quinn is not dating anyone currently and none of her past relationships have been a subject of public news either. Relations and affairs have remained undisclosed to the public, partly due to her lack of social media and partly due to the Culkin family fame diminishing in the late 90s.

Family Tragedy: The Culkin curse

Quinn Culkin and her family have also had to deal with various tragedies. In 2008, Dakota Culkin was killed in a car accident. Dakota, 29, was the eldest of the two Culkin daughters. She was a production designer, but her career came to a tragic end.

Young Quinn walking

In an inebriated state, Dakota walked straight into the busy Los Angeles traffic. A vehicle hit Dakota and despite the person behind the wheel trying to help her, she passed away. The coroner reported that the blood alcohol level in her body was three times the legal limit. A spokesperson for the family called it a ‘terrible, tragic accident’. Quinn was very close to her older sister and is said to have been heavily impacted by her loss. Unfortunately, this wasn't the only tragedy. Before Dakota’s untimely demise, Quinn’s step-sister Jennifer Adamson also passed due to a drug overdose in 2000. Drugs seem to be a major curse of the Culkin family, Macaulay struggled with drug abuse for almost a decade.

Macaulay looking gaunt. He is wearing a black leather jacket.

Quinn Culkin: Little known facts

Quinn’s full name is Quinn Kay Culkin and is named after a close friend of her father, Anthony Quinn. Quinn is also the niece of actress Bonnie Bedelia, best known for portraying Holly McClane in the Die Hard franchise. Her middle name Kay is an homage to her maternal grandmother. Meanwhile the name Quinn is also a reference to her being the fifth child in the family.

Quinn smiling

Quinn has had three distinct roles in film and television, both were beside her brother Macaulay. Her acting career in the silver screen only lasted three years, from 1991-1993. She is 5.5 ft tall and has brunette hair and matching brown eyes. She also has a striking resemblance to her siblings. Quinn has often been confused with Quinn Fabray, an actress best known for starring in Glee alongside Lea Michele. Quinn’s salary and net worth have not been revealed to the public. Quinn Culkin, much like her siblings has spent the past decade avoiding the public eye and keeping her personal life private. She has appeared occasionally in social media posts and rare paparazzi shots but besides those, she has no online presence.

Recently, Macaulay, 38, teamed up with Google to recreate key scenes from Home Alone for an advertisement.

Her brothers are still working on various acting projects and have big things in store for 2019. We hope to see Quinn’s career take a leap once again, alongside the rest of the Culkins if possible.

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