Who Is Nicole Covone? Detail About Her Married Life, Relationship, And Daughter!

Nicole Covone is an American personality who came into the spotlight for being the former wife of rapper Lil Durk. Her American rapper and singer ex-husband grabbed worldwide attention after being featured on Drake’s hit single Laugh Now Cry Later.

As Covone only came into the media for being linked with a famous celebrity, there is little information shared about her. So, today, on deck, we will be talking about the former couple’s married life and the reasons behind their separation. Scroll down below to know more about them.

Why Did Nicole Covone and Lil Durk Get Divorce?

Starting from the beginning, Covone and Durk started dating back in 2008 while they both were teenagers. The high school sweethearts welcomed their first child, Angelo, on 28th November 2011, after dating for around three years.

Although it is unclear when and how the couple tied the knot, but many sources confirmed that they exchanged wedding vows shortly after their first child was born. On 18th July 2013, Covone gave birth to their second child, daughter Bella.

Lil SOURCE: Instagram @truthfulupdates

While everyone thought they were enjoying a healthy marital life, but there was something going on behind the curtains. Shortly after the former couple’s second child was born, headlines were revealing about Durk’s third child, Zayden’s birth.

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To your surprise, Covone was not Zayden’s mother. The rapper fulfilled his daddy’s duty to Zayden and even passed on his name. But, the celebrity wife could not move on with the betrayal as they separated right after the news was flashed in the media.

Just a couple of months after welcoming the second child, they separated and divorced. The reason behind their divorce was all over the headlines, i.e., Durk’s extra-marital affair.

Covone & Lil Durk's Fued After Separating

When Covone and Durk separated, and the latter decided to pass his name on the newborn kid, many people speculated that he was a pretty good dad. The 28 years old singer was praised for his fatherhood.

But, Covone, the mother of his two children, did not agree with the fact. Back in 2016, the singer took his Instagram to claim that he wanted to take all of his kids away from their mothers so that he could raise them on his own.

To reply to the post, Covone suggests Durk stay off social media and start being a better dad. She also accused him of wanting some attention. In the reply, Covone said: he “gotta be talking to his other 10 BABYMAMAS”.

Has Nicole Covone Moved On? Is She Dating Anyone?

After the divorce, Covone has not revealed much about her personal life. She seems to be pretty busy taking good care of her two kids.

While surfing around her Facebook, she has defined herself as single. Also, there are no pictures of anyone to claim as her possible partner.

On the other side, her former husband has already moved on and is currently engaged to girlfriend turned fiancée India Royale. They welcomed their first child, daughter Willow, in October 2018.

They started dating in 2017. The rapper has six kids in total including Du'Mier Banks.

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