Who is Marjorie Bridges-Woods?Find out her Ex-husband and current married life and relationship

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Marjorie Bridges is a current wife of a famous American comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor and author Steve Harvey. She has been married to Steve since 2007.


Though her actual name is Marjorie Bridges, she loves to be called her as Marjorie Bridges-Woods. Before Marjorie started her relationship with Steve, she was married twice and has three children with her previous relations who are currently living with her and her husband Steve.

Many people are eager to know about Marjorie Bridges-Woods husband and children. So Stay with us to know more about Marjorie and her love life. 

Know more about Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Marjorie is an African-American born in the United States on 10th October 1974. Marjorie is from the middle-class family who came to the fame after she started her relationship with Steve. She attended the University of Memphis, however, she didn't complete her education from there.

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There is no any information about the career and lifestyle of Marjorie so that we can just tell you that she is a wife of a well-known actor Steve Harvey and is playing an associate role in the career and success of her husband Steve.

Marjorie Bridge and Husband Steve Harvey's Married Life

Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Bridge both didn't have the good past married relation. They both were previously married twice. Marjorie also had three children from her past relationships. 

Marjorie and Steve dated for about a year before they got married. The couple first met each other in 2006 and soon after they started feeling for each other and after a year they tied a knot on 25th June 2007

Marjorie Bridge and her husband Steve HarveyMarjorie Bridge and her husband Steve Harvey    Sorce: Vibe

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Steve says Marjorie has played a vital role in making him a better man and on changing his life. It's unknown to whom Marjorie married to previously and her three children Morgan, Jason, and Karli have not realized the actual love of their biological father.

However, Steve has tried his best to behave with them as their father and he has done his best for the most often. 

During their over 9 years of married relation, the couple might have faced a lot of ups and downs, however, they never let their mutual misunderstanding and clash ruin their relation. It is their third marriage so they have shown their maturity and experience to keep their married life alive.

Who was Steve Harvey Previously Married With?

The 60-year-year old American actor and host, Steve was married to his first wife Marcia Harvey. The former pair were in a relationship for about 14 years, later on, the couple separated with each other in 1994. They also gave birth to three children Karli, Brandi, and Broderick Harvey with each other.

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Steve Harvey and his ex-wife MarySteve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary    Source: accessalex

After Steve bitter divorce with his first wife Marcia, Steve married his second wife Mary Shackelford on 21st June 1996.

The pair also spent very romantic time with each other for about a decade and they got a divorce on 3rd December 2005. Moreover, Steve has a 19-year-old son Wynton Harvey with Mary. 

Though Steve and his wife Marjorie did not have very great past relationship, let's hope they stay with each other until the end.