Who is Lindy Booth? Is she still Single or Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

The more we get popular, the more our fans try to know about our personal life and professional life. Likewise, the fans of Lindy Booth are also eager to know more about her. As per the common perspective, all Hollywood celebs are dating but it is not always true but does it imply to Lindy? Do you think this lovely girl should have someone special in her life


Lindy Booth has earned a huge fame from her acting career but what's her relationship status? Is she already married or still single? Or who is she currently dating? Scroll down to know everything!

Is Lindy Booth Married? Or Is She Dating Someone?

Even being such a popular star, Lindy Booth often keeps her personal details under the shade, unlike other celebrities. Booth can be seen linked-up with new partners on the screen. But yet Booth hasn't revealed any information about her off-screen relationships.

[ CAPTION: Lindy Booth ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The 38 years old, Booth is not married yet and is still single. Furthermore, she hasn't dated anyone in past and any rumors regarding love affairs haven't surfaced yet. However, some of the sources have mentioned that Booth has several thoughts on getting married and settling down

Few sources further mentioned that, if Booth gets married then it will surely affect her career. As she gets more involved in her profession rather than personal life. 

[ CAPTION: Lindy Booth and her co-stars ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

People have speculated, If she gets married then, she may have to sacrifice all of her freedom and may not be able to live freely as like now. 

Similarly, Booth once twitted that, after she watched the movie Boyhood she wished that Troy Dyer was her boyfriend.

[ CAPTION: Lindy Booth ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

After that, several allegations of her being pregnant were made by the fans.

[ CAPTION: Fans replying to the tweet of Lindy Booth ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]
[ CAPTION: Fans replying to the tweet of Lindy Booth ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Booth after the above-seen tweet was even caught in a pregnancy-related controversy which later proved to be false.

Know More About Lindy Booth and Her Career

Lindy Booth was born on April 2, 1979, in Oakville, Ontario. Booth started her acting career in 1998 through Mr. Music. Likewise, she further appeared in the series including Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension, Strange Justice etc. Well, her breakthrough came through the series The Famous Jett Jackson.

Youtube: The Famous Jett Jackson;

Moreover, Booth made her movie debut in in 1999 through Teenage Space Vampires. And further starred in the movies including Wrong Turn, Kick-Ass 2, Dark Honeymoon etc.

In 2017, Booth appeared in the television series Rocky Mountain Christmas as Sarah. Furthermore, she currently appears on the series The Librarians as Cassandra Cillian since 2014.