Actress Lindy Booth, age 36, shares her thoughts on getting married and settling down with a husband

The independent and talented actress of Hollywood ,Lindy Booth has something to talk about her personal life .Born on April 02, 1979 this actress is in the news most probably for her works and not for her relationship status. She is unmarried and independent and thus, no gossip has been revealed based on her dating ,marrying or separation.

An Insider repoted that the hot and sexy actress has several thoughts on getting married and settling down. Reports say that the actress is also attracted towards family life but her profession does not let her do so.  According to sources, the actress has no one special with whom she would like to spend her entire life.  However, many hearts are dying for Booth but maybe she is not able to find up the perfect one for herself.

Sources add that even though family life is  important to Lindy, it may affect her career to some extent.

Sources report that the long time single actress's life will be occupied and she may not get that freedom she has now.

It has been said that maybe the actress is not getting hitched because she is afraid of getting bonded with someone and sacrificing all her freedom. She has been living her life freely and single for a while. Headllines have been created with lots of questios on the personal life of Lindy.

But reports claim the actress wants to settle down.Being in a relationship makes her feel secure. She thinks that once you're in a commited relationship, you 'll never feel alone in case of difficulties and hurdles of life. Your soul mate will always be there for you. Sources add that the actress thinks in case of women the feeling of insecurity will be released after getting hitched.

Insider has revealed Lindy's practical sense for marriage rather than emotional .Maybe because of her practical thinking and approach, she is single and independent. Also because of that thinking, she is professionally enabled and active.

The magnificent and fabulous actress was last seen on her tv show The Librarians which featured her as the main character.She has been active in the film  industry since 1998 and has roled in many movies..She is popular for her shows The Famous Jett Jackson,Relic Hunter,Philanthropist and many more.

She has also starred in many tv shows as a guest star. Also she has been the part of many Award functions and Charity shows.

Well wishes for Lindy so that she could get someone special for her life. Not only professionally but she deserves to be prosperous in personal life and family.