Who Is Kira Kosarin Currently Dating after her break up with Boyfriend Chase Austin, Know all about her past relationship

An American actress Kira Kosarin, who has reached new heights with her acting career through the series The Thundermans in the Nickelodeon is known to us by her career but how many of us know about her personal life. Is she dating or in a relationship with anyone these days?


Well, we all know that she was in a dating relationship with an actor, Chase Austin but after she broke up with Chase, has she fallen in love with other guys? Today in this article, we will discuss her relationship with ex-boyfriend, Chase Austin. Also get to know about her other relationship before and after Chase Austin.

Is Kira Kosarin currently in a relationship?

Well after lots of research about the personal life of Kira Kosarin, we have got to know that the actress is currently enjoying her life single. After her rumored relationship with co-cast Jack Griffo in The Thundermans, she has not been found to be linked romantically.

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[ CAPTION: Kira Kosarin with co-cast Jack Griffo ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Some while back, Jack Griffo posted a picture of them on his Instagram account wearing wedding gown and suit. This picture became a trending topic at that time and messed with both of their fans.

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[ CAPTION: Kira Kosarin and rumored boyfriend Jack Griffo in wedding dress ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Later on, both the actor told in an interview that they were messing with everyone as they had been hanging together since very long time. they were just trying to confuse their fans and followers. Jack told that the reporters that it’s hilarious to see their fans thinking about their relationship.

Youtube: Kira Kosarin and rumored boyfriend Jack Griffo;


Wearing a wedding dress and clicking a picture together doesn’t mean they are getting married. Well, they had been quite good friends since back, so the post stirred up several debates about their relationship.

Kira Kosarin Past relationship

After Kira's rumored relationship with Jack Griffo in 2014, she was in a relationship with Nick Merico in the same year. The couple were together for only a month and had to go through break up as reported by some of the tabloid sources.

[ CAPTION: Chase Austin and Kira Kosarin ][ SOURCE: J-14 ]

After Nick Merico, Kira dated actor Chase Austin for a year from 2014-2015 and broke off without disclosing a reason for us to see. After their break up, it came to the media that Kira had been open to both males and females. She said that with a post on her Twitter account in 2016 as she wanted no labels for love.

[ CAPTION: Kira Kosarin Twitter post ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

These days Kira Kosarin is living her life being a single female. And after viewing her twitter post, we got to know that she is ready to get into a relationship with no gender discrimination.