Who is Jessica Kyzer? Know about Corde Broadus's girlfriend? Are they getting married?

Mostly popular for being Corde Broadus’s girlfriend, Jessica Kyzer is a model by profession; and it would appear that they are not married.


Most of the articles read that they are still just in a casual relationship and are not married. However, there are some sources who confirm their wedding. Let us all find out.

Who is Jessica Kyzer?

Jessica Kyzer is a California-based model. Because she is too secretive about her personal life, lots of tales come by more than her real identity.

Some sites refer that she is now the wife who got married to Corde Broadus, who is Snoop Dogg’s eldest son. And there are some sites that confirm that they have not gotten married just yet. 

Source: googleusercontent

And recent news settles up to the fact that Jessica and her boyfriend Corde just had a baby boy whom they call 'Zion’. Way to go, Corde. You are a father now!

Furthermore, his father Snoop was pretty happy about it as well. I am gonna share some pictures with you guy, I suppose you guys would want to see it! Here you go. 

Son Zion and Corde Broadus

Son Zion and Corde Broadus Source: starkiddo

Source: instagram

Is Jessica Kyzer married to Corde Broadus?

Corde is a 23-year-old guy and hasn’t been able to make his own name in the entertainment world or the football world. To this day, he is quite popular for just being Snoop’s son.

So, maybe this is why they are holding up their marriage for now. But I am pretty sure he is gonna make his own name first, earn some money and then get married, which is a great idea, BTW.

Cuz you know, being a father is a tough job and Corde would need lots of money for it. And I guess Jessica would want that as well. Because if they get married just now, their future might not turn up so good and their son would have lots of problems in his life.

So, we wish you good luck Jessica and Corde. Hope you find the right time to marry and secure your future.

Jessica Kyzer and her son Zion.

Jessica Kyzer and her son Zion. Source: instagram

Who is Corde Broadus?

Corde Calvin Broadus is Snoop’s eldest son, and he has appeared on E!’s reality show called ‘Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood’.

Also, he featured in the movie called ‘We the Party’ as ‘Chowder’s DJ’. Before he picked interest in movies, Corde used to play football. But soon his interest got down and he put his effort into movies.

Corde Broadus

Corde Broadus Source: famousfix

However, to this day, he hasn’t actually been able to make his own name and is quite popular for just being the son of Snoop. His hobbies would be basketball, football, watching family guy, guitar hero and more. 

Ten Facts about Corde Broadus

1. Corde Broadus is Snoop Dogg's son.
2. Corde Broadus was born on August 21, 1994.
3. Corde Broadus is 23 years old.
4. Corde Broadus has appeared in the movie We the Party.
5. Corde Broadus is in a long-term relationship with Jessica Kyzer.
6. Corde Broadus is the father of a son with Jessica Kyzer.
7. Corde Broadus has two brothers and a sister.
8. Corde Broadus has appeared in Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.
9. Corde Broadus used to play football before appearing in the movie.
10. Corde Broadus has 12.7k followers in Instagram as of 6/19/2018.