Who is Jessica Barden? Is she still Single or Married?Know about her Affairs and Dating History

March 11, 2018
First Published On: January 19, 2018

Jessica Barden is an English actress who is best known for the role as Kayleigh Morton on the soap opera Coronation Street and also in other filmed appearances of hers includes No Angles and The Chase.


Well, any person falls in love at a very early age and Jessica Barden is 25-years old which means she will certainly have a special one in her life. What do you think about the love life of the British actress? Stay tuned and scroll down to know more about her love affairs.

Is Jessica Barden Single or Currently Dating

Topic Regarding Jessica Barden's love life, she kept it secret with delicacy. Such a private person, isn't she? Well looking towards her official information, it seems that the British Actress is not really in any kind of relationships. As scroll to her Instagram, she has posted some photo which is similar to her life.

[ CAPTION: Jessica ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, scrolling more on her Instagram, we have seen that she has called Bill Milner as her husband, quite contradictory to the general perception, isn't it?

While looking her Instagram photos we have seen that she is drinking wine with her husband at the city of Eindhoven, and another picture shows that they were Chatting about chocolate cake with pin topping with Bill's name carved on it.

[ CAPTION: Jessica ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Scrolling her Instagram more, photos we can assume that they are dating together and are married.

Let's take a look at some of Jessica related facts that her fans may not know, in a fan-made video here:

Hope you enjoyed the video, but don't you wonder who has she dated before she possibly met her alleged boyfriend.

Jessica Barden Past Relationship

As some people are in favor of professional life rather than personal life and Jessica Barden is one of them and we can say she is possibly single and being single she is living a tremendous life.

[ CAPTION: Jessica ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, she is the example of a girl who does not need a guy to make her life complete but the story seems to be telling something else. Whatever be the case, we wish that she comes forward with her story soon enough.

Jessica Barden Bio

Jessica Barden was born on 21st July 1992, in Northallerton but moved to Wetherby West Yorkshire where she grew up. she has attended Wetherby High School. In 1999, her debut acting came with a small role in an episode of the TV series My Parents Are Aliens.

Well, it was announced that she would play the part of Kayleigh Morton on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in 2007 and made her first appearance on Sunday, 18th March 2007.