Has the 25 Years Actress Jessica Barden Been Fallen in a Live Affair? Know All the Details

March 11, 2018
First Published On: January 18, 2018
by Sam Smith

Usually, a person falls in love at a very early age, but the perfect time to do so and start a new family is in his/her twenties. Jessica Barden is already 25-years old and will certainly have a special one in her life. So, what do you think about the love life of the actress?


Jessica Barden is an English actress famous for her role in the movie Lullaby. Being in her mid-twenties, everyone expects her to be with her loved one. But, how many of us know about her love life? Stay tuned for actress Jessica Barden’s love affairs.

The mysterious love life of Jessica Barden

The life of Jessica Barden is like a top-secret recipe of some big famous delicacy. Such a private person, isn’t she? Looking into her official statements, it is seen that the actress is not really in any kind of relationships. However, her Instagram posts say a different story.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Barden ][ SOURCE: Hawt Celebs ]

In many of her Instagram posts, she has called Bill Milner her husband. The fact of their marriage and other relationship status are still not known. As the British actress is not so involved in most of the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, her personal life has stayed a mystery to us.

[ CAPTION: Jessica and Bill drinking wine ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In many of her posts, she is seen with Bill and has captions having something like husband this and husband that. In one of her posts, she is seen with Bill drinking wine at the city of Eindhoven.

Another picture shows a message of them chatting. Furthermore, another post sees a picture of a chocolate cake with pink toppings and Bill’s name carved on it.

[ CAPTION: Jessica’s Instagram Post ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

From all these posts, we can only assume that Jessica and Bill are really dating each other and are a married couple. But, their relationship is still a big question for all of us.

Jessica Barden’s On-Screen Romance

Apart from Jessica’s off-screen secret relationship, she is also linked with many other actors in her reel life. She has been cast in various movies like Hanna, The Lobster, In the Dark Half and several other TV series like My Parents are Aliens, Ellen, and The End of the F***ing World.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Barden and John C Reilly ]
[ SOURCE: One Mann’s Movies ]

In The Lobster, the UK-based actress was seen as a nosebleed woman playing against John C Reilly. She was also seen sharing a kiss with Saoirse Ronan in the movie Hanna.

[ CAPTION: Saoirse Ronan and Jessica Barden in Hanna ]
[ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

To conclude the relationship talk of Jessica Braden, the actress is currently in a secretive marital relationship with Bill Milner. With her private life staying private, her relationship status is a hard puzzle to crack.