Who Is Cote De Pablo Married To? Know about her husband and dating history

June 21, 2018
First Published On: December 4, 2016

Cote De Pablo is a long-running sexy actress for NCSI who has impressed a lot of viewers from her acting skills, but today we are here not to talk about her salary net worth or a house in LA, We are here to talk about Cote De Pablo married relationship and love affair.


We know that a lot of fans are in a great hurry to know, Who Is Cote De Pablo married to? And what is her present marital status? To all the De Pablo fans, we will like to address you that by the end of this article you all will have an idea about her personal life and will also find out about Diego Serrano who she dated for a long time. So without any delay, we present to you the sizzling hot Hollywood actress Cote De Pablo's personal life.

Who is Diego Serrano?

Diego is a Hollywood actor mostly known for his work with the famous star Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Fox television series Time of Your Life.

Over the years the actor has been successful in Television and is also famous for many projects such as Young and the Restless,   Another World and much more.


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The actor is also known for his love affair with actress Cote De Pablo. The couple is longtime friends and currently in sometimes on and sometimes off kind of relationship from past June.

For how long do Cote De Pablo and Diego Serrano know each other?

Pablo dated Deigo Serrano dated for a very long time. The former lovebirds know each other from quite a long time now.

These two lovebirds have been together for about eight years, and the reason for getting out of NCSI in 2013 was only to give her relationship with Diego a little more deserved time that was a needed factor for any relationship to flourish.

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Moreover, the Latino actress was seen time and again with her lover in the streets of LA now and then. The cute couple was very much comfortable and vocal about their relationship with each other back until June. Cote de Pablo loved Serrano for being a bad influence.

The funny thing about this couple is that they were together for such a long time, but neither Diego nor Cote ever proposed each other for marriage. They are still running in sometimes on and sometimes off kind of relationship. The couple broke up quietly in 2015.

Even though they were the perfect match for each other, the couple separated. Some sites claim that Pablo shares a strong bond with her NCIS onscreen lover Michael Weatherly.

Maybe both Cote De Pablo and Diego Serrano might have a crush in the past, but no light has put to the issue. And there are no any of their past dating histories.

Ten Facts about Cote de Pablo

1. Cote de Pablo was born on November 12, 1979, and is 38 years old.
2. Cote de Pablo was born in Santiago, Chile.
3. Cote de Pablo is the daughter of Maria Olga Fernandez and Francisco de Pablo.
4. Cote de Pablo started her professional career back in 1994.
5. Cote de Pablo stands 5 ft 7 in tall.
6. Cote de Pablo has a younger sister, Andrea and a brother, Francisco.
7. Cote de Pablo started her professional career at the age of 15.
8. Cote de Pablo first hosted some of the episodes of Control.
9. Cote de Pablo enjoyed a long-term relationship with Diego Serrano.
10. Cote de Pablo and Diego Serrano broke up in June 2015.