Who is Camilla Belle's Boyfriend? Or is she married?

Camilla Belle Routh is an American actress who has worked in several famous movies. Actress Belle has been with several hot celebs in her life. However, none of them were her co-stars. Because once in an interview, she said that dating your co-stars is the worst idea ever.

Well, we're all certain about the fact that she's not just tall and pretty and popular, but also how every men she meets tend to fall for her in just a short amount of time. You ask how? Let us tell you everything....

Camilla Belle’s relationships

Camilla’s first relationship was when she was 19 years of age. The lucky guy was a British actor ‘Tom Sturridge’. They started going out during the start of their career and were seen together on several occasion as well. When asked by media, they often said that they were ‘just friends’ but rumor has it that they were actually dating. Furthermore, the duo were seen together for over two years.

Camilla Belle hanging out with her first boyfriend Camilla Belle hanging out with her first boyfriend, Source: Famous Fix

'Camilla's Dating Rumors' also include the name of another famous ‘Twilight’ star, Robert Pattinson.  They were seen together several times but did not officially announce that they were dating.

Camilla Belle with Robert Pattinson Camilla Belle with Robert Pattinson, Source: Famous Fix

Again October 2008, Camilla started dating one of the members of Jonas Brothers, Joseph Jonas. They started dating soon after he starred in the music video, ‘Lovebug’ after he broke up with Taylor Swift. Camilla even stepped out in flowing back dress slamming Taylor Swift for writing a song about Joe. However, they eventually broke up in July 2009 and remained good friends even after that.

After she broke up with Joe, she started dating Topher Grace in the year 2010. Their relationship was also not confirmed but were seen several times hanging out together. Eventually, they stopped hanging out so we assumed that they broke up.

A picture of Camilla and Topher Grace together A picture of Camilla and Topher Grace together, Source: Famous Fix

Later, in 2013, she started dating another hot actor from 90210, Chad Michael Murray. But yet again, they broke up after hanging out together for few months.

Camilla Belle and Chad Michael Murray about to kiss Camilla Belle and Chad Michael Murray about to kiss, Source: Famous Fix

Well, even though she’s dated many hot actors in her life, she has NEVER dated any of her co-stars as we mentioned earlier and has also mentioned the reason why she doesn’t do so. As of now, she is not dating anyone and focusing only on her career.