Who is American actor Ben Schwartz Dating? Disclose his past affairs

Robert ChristopherPublished on   02 Jan, 2018Updated on   02 Jan, 2018

The worse feeling is being lonely but the worst is being forgotten by someone you could not forget. Multi-talented American personality, Ben Schwartz is currently facing the same problem after separation from the Golden Globes winning actress, Gina Rodriguez.

More questions regarding his love life have arisen after publishing his book "Things You Should Already Know about Dating, You Fucking Idiot." The book seems to have connections to his real life. So, let's find out what the connections are. How did he link his personal life with the book? Surprising and interesting, right? Scroll down to know more:

Ben Schwartz love life before separating from Gina 

 Jake and Amir series actor, Ben started dating Gina back in early 2016 and their relationship made a huge a buzz in the media. In fact, the couple was often seen together spending cozy moments together which made people quite curious to know about their relationship.  

[ CAPTION: Former boyfriend and girlfriend, Ben and Gina ][ SOURCE: http://celebnmusic247.com/ ]

A source told the US magazines in January 2016, which confirmed their love affairs. According to source

She's so happy.

She thinks he is so great and all her friends love him.

[ CAPTION: Former boyfriend and girlfriend, Ben and Gina ][ SOURCE: USmagazine ]

The couple spent an awesome time together although they are tight-lipped about their budding romance. But sadly, things were not meant to be same forever. The stars Ben and Gina appeared to have separated as Gina was seen hanging out with another actor, Joe LoCicero

Check out the video, a proof of Gina's relationship with Joe LoCicero. 

Gina also confirmed their relationship on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, April 21, 2017 stating

“I have a boyfriend who’s awesome. He’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met,” the Jane the Virgin actress, 32, said. “Joe LoCicero. He’s very Italian!”

Ben Schwartz after separating from Gina

Ben Schwartz is currently living a single life. After break up with Gina, he has not involved in any other relationships. After Ben broke up with Gine, it looks like he is completely focusing on his professional career.

Besides, he has published a book, Things You Should Already Know about Dating, You Fucking Idiot which contains the tips and illustrations regarding the problems of dating. The book has thousands of readers.

[ CAPTION: Ben book, Thing You Should Already Know About Dating Yo ][ SOURCE: Ben's Instagram ]

Similarly, he gave a funny dating advice while in an interview with the Esquire's magazine.  It's quite hilarious that Ben himself who has suffered from a breakup is giving dating tips. He must be having a hard time since his break up and might be trying to convince to those who are currently in a relationship.